History .. a pack of Lies ! I am 18 years old and I feel betrayed. #WakeUpMHRD

Author: Shruthee.

After coming to power in 2004, the Congress-Communist combine needed just one year to put these textbooks in place. The BJP hasn’t even made a start. But even more hateful than the BJP’s utterly wrong priorities is the dishonesty of the thousands of Bhakts who have been whitewashing their party’s failure.Dr. Koenraad Elst

Imagine at one point in life you realize that all that you have been told as the truth, turns out to be bogus. That moment of realization is terrible and leaves you frustrated and sore. I am 18 years old, fresh out of school and I feel cheated and let down. My cause of resentment seems too trivial to the others around and they find my explanations boring and unimportant. With a simple hope that someone reading this might resonate with me, I decided to pen down my explanations for why I feel cheated.

They told me a story in my 6th grade about a tribe from a far away land that invaded India and established the Vedic civilisation. Looking back at it now I realise that they never gave me solid proofs and yet I believed them because they were my “single source of truth”. Before my “enlightenment”, I never knew of the existence of proof that debunked this AIT theory. They never exposed me to alternate theories and the speculations surrounding their truth.

The Mughal Empire drew my fascination and Akbar was my hero. But wait, they never sung praises of other empires. Too much time spent glorifying the Mughal Empire in my books made me ignore the few sentences written about the other empires like the Vijayanagara or the Maratha. The brilliance of Hindu temple architecture somehow missed my eyes because they kept magnifying the Taj Mahal. They never told me that thousands of temples were destroyed and hundreds of millions of Hindus were converted forcibly during the Islamic rule in India. They never told me that some of the famous mosques in India like Gyanvapi and Shahi Idgah stand upon ruins of Hindus places of worship .

Their over-sweetened account of a single empire turned bitter after my “enlightenment

The one person I was reminded of immediately when I thought of Indian Independence was Mahatma Gandhi. They told me that the real heroes of Indian Independence are Mahatma Gandhi and the Congress. A few sentences were spared for people like Netaji and Sardar Vallabhai Patel. Many others like Veer Savarkar are forgotten. I was repeatedly told about Gandhiji’s non violence that led to Indian Independence. Perhaps again this was magnified to such an extent that big revolutions like Netaji’s Indian National Army missed my eyes. Even according to Ambedkar it was Netaji who ended the British Raj and not Gandhiji.

They painted rosy pictures of Gandhi and Nehru and made me believe it, and because I saw my school books as holy scripture, it became my truth, and I never understood the eminence of people like Sardar Vallabhai Patel.

Who doesn’t love movies! However, I never knew till my “enlightenment” that they were quietly and subtly dictating to me what I should watch. Right from an early age, they told me through movies that all Hindu gurus are bad and fake. Somehow they would bring at least one role of a nasty Hindu guru in most movies. They told me this is reality. PK became my favorite. They also loved showing me how compassionate and warm Christian missionaries are. Most bad events in the movies almost always happened in a temple or at a Hindu festival. How did I miss the pattern that was so explicit? Why are they so afraid of Hindu gurus and Hindu religious practices? In recent times the attack has become more aggressive. Lately, the “Godman” series of Zee Media was made exclusively to spew anti-Hindu and Anti-Brahmin narrative.

Is it because they are scared or is it because they are sold out – that they don’t produce such content on other “minority” communities ?

They told me through the movies yet again that all corporate guys are bad. Rich guys are usually the villains. Movies made it very simple to believe that private companies are bad. Socialism and communism woven subtly into the stories became the sought after systems for change and yet, I was too drawn by the film to notice ideologies. They never told me how “communism” in countries became dismantled like in the USSR or how it created financially fragile economies like Venezuela. They literally injected a confusing mixture of ideologies into my mind and I was too intoxicated by that drug to even notice the reality.

My god-sent “enlightenment” gave me vision to see some events of the past that they have never once mentioned to me. The Moplah riots in the year 1921 in Kerala that resulted in the massacre of thousands of Hindus is significantly missing from school history textbooks and the Goan Inquisition where Hindus were executed and burnt as effigies seems to have vanished into thin air. They never told me even about the post – Independence ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri pandits in the Kashmir valley .

To be a little biased is natural but this level of prejudice that has completely altered the meaning of truth and reality can’t be mere human error.

They told me what secularism was, and their explanation of it seemed so convincing that I found former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s statement that the country’s minorities must have the first claim on natural resources very laudable. Their teachings of secularism blinded me to the basic ideas of democracy. Perhaps, now I realize why their secularism finds that it is okay for only Hindu temples to come under government control. It also explains why their concept of secularism finds comfort in hateful anti-Hindu remarks made during protests like the anti-CAA. And it also speaks volumes about why they are unhappy about religiously persecuted Hindus from Islamic countries being empowered to get their citizenship in India fast-tracked.

I can fill books about why I feel let down by “them” but I think I have done justice to give you an idea about being betrayed. Firstly who are “they”? Connecting the dots based on similar projection of ideas, it becomes clear that “they are a well associated community with many sub-groups, each having its own individual agenda and all together working towards a common goal. “They” have occupied key positions of influencing people and I have given a picture of how they control minds of youth, from a personal experience.

“They” made me feel ashamed of my Identity. Their constant screams of minority intolerance, secularism, hate Hindutva, made me deaf and dumb.

Other screams drowned and I never knew their existence. All of them in common made some statements, “ India was just a conglomeration of kingdoms until the British came, the British left India more developed, Indian culture is primitive”. Perhaps, I was too intoxicated by their “chemical potion” that I failed to ask them how the battle of Mahabharata was fought without a Bharat, how India was the richest country before the British arrived, and how today’s sciences turn out to be a re-discovery of our shastra.

Before my “enlightenment”, I lived in an illusory paradise, intoxicated by their narratives. It made me dimmer and dumber – they provided me no opportunities to think. My world of truth and reality was too tiny, yet I felt satisfied because they made me feel comfortable.

They made me ashamed of being a Hindu and an Indian and I didn’t care.

I realized that they have told me a lot of fantasies in a very interesting way and I can’t be blamed for falling for it. They kept me so protected in a shell, far away from other voices. They spun their versions of truth in alluring modes suitable to different age groups. We have to credit them for their efforts to sell their product. The manner in which they projected the false claims one after the other to prove that Ram Mandir didn’t exist, has become so successful that even after irrefutable evidence of the existence of Ram Mandir, the sold- out people refuse to believe it.

What I call as my “enlightenment” is that point in life when a different narrative appeared before me. It opened a completely new dimension of viewing the world around me. My notions of truth and reality came crashing down before my eyes. Thanks to new age technology – many unheard and suppressed voices are now given a platform to speak and present truthful narratives based on facts.

Enlightenment has made me feel embarrassed and at the same time, motivated me to go in search of the truth.

Only if this “enlightenment” becomes a possibility for many more, will there be a transformation.

Shruthee M S, is a student , pursuing her Undergraduate degree in Political Science. She is an ardent follower of Rajiv Malhotra’s work and has an interest in learning , understanding and applying the dharma lens. (View More)

13 thoughts on “History .. a pack of Lies ! I am 18 years old and I feel betrayed. #WakeUpMHRD”

    1. Intellectuals are on the other side fighting with vengence to prevent any modifications in the history books prepared for us by the British and in addition they have added much more to their armour. Govt of the day is rendered helpless .

    2. Excellent write-up, very well summarised, exposes the lies perpetrated by Marxist, Communists, Congress to push their corrupt ideology. Needs urgent correction.

      1. Some forensic evidence must be dug up and irrefutably established and the present day intellectuals redefined and then on the basis of this evidence a clear line of historical fact, good and bad, must be established. That will be scientifically sound and historically truthful (as possible). Biases on both sides must be actively sought out, through argumentative peer review, identifies and smoothed out for clear sightedness to prevail. I don’t buy either side of this argument for the moment. They are speculative, supported by wishful thinking extrapolated from scant evidence or foisted on a largely naive population by a politically hostile group that insinuated themselves into opinion forming positions in governance and education.

  1. Wisdom cries out in the street and no one hears it. There are so many greats like Shri Rajeev Malhotra, True Indology, Koenrad Elst, Shri Vamdev shastri and many many more who should be consulted. I hope they dont go about the way they are doing in many other failed areas of the govt.

  2. Amazing article and many congratulations to Shruthee..

    I have a 7 year old kid and even though I support Modi I really don’t trust him when it comes to changing the history text books that is why I have started reading the actual History books written by R.C Majumdar, Jadunath Sarkar, Sita Ram goel, Ram Swarup, Meenakshi Jain, Koenraad Elst. And Books by Rajiv Ji has always been my interest as his work has opened my eyes. I am reading a preserving all these books plus out Ithihasa books so that I can give the true knowledge of history and dharma to my kid myself.

    As I don’t really trust BJP or its HRD minister and don’t want my kid to grow up in the false history like us.

  3. It pained me when i realised how less i know of true history. We are told false history or sugarcoated facts. Archeological departments say something and our history book say something else.

    Pain is more when i know that what i am teaching students is completely false but i am bound to teach them that only.

  4. Manish Shrivastava

    Fully agree that we have been fed lie after lie by these people( scared and/or sold out). High time HRD ministry addresses the issue and makes the necessary changes in school history books. Also in tourism, guides can be appointed who will explain to all tourists about the grandeur of Temples, Palaces of Monuments etc and about the ‘Sone ki Chidiya’ that Bharat truly was before being invaded and looted.

    1. Very heart warming to learn that younger generation is realising the follies and biased agenda of intersted well to do parties. This write up should find a place in history or political science books. Keep it up.

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