It’s an open battle now; Are we ready ?

Author: Shruthee M S

Editorial Note: IK Shruthee , calls out to Hindus. Please wake up from your slumber.

The identity of anti-national voices are well established now. The question is, Are we ready?

A few days ago, the statue of Bharat Mata, installed on a private land by a family in Puliyur village of Kanyakumari, had to be covered by the police, because the Christians in the vicinity, found the statue “offensive”. An icon of national spirit is derogatory for a community, living in India, because of their (Abrahamic) religious sentiments. Yet, according to the “celebrated seculars” of the State, this doesn’t account for religious fanaticism. In fact, the police accepted the claims of the Christian community of the village, and threatened the Hindus, that they would remove the statue. Definitely, this piece of information coming from a place like Kanyakumari, is neither new nor surprising for, Kanyakumari is the hotbed of Christian missionary activities and they can neither tolerate Bharat Mata nor Swami Vivekananda. Most people don’t know the blood and sweat behind the Vivekananda rock memorial at Kanyakumari because I suppose, the memory of Hindus is short term. There was a huge struggle in 1963, to build the memorial on the rock where Swami Vivekananda meditated and realised his life mission, because the Christians opposed it, again the only reason being, it is “offensive”. India is definitely a rare country on this planet, where it’s own people face opposition and struggle to celebrate and venerate her. Can we imagine an India without Swami Vivekananda? The undeniable truth is, even the Christians of Kanyakumari can’t imagine that!

When the Citizenship Amendment Act was announced, there was a huge outcry because according to them, the act seemed oppressive to minorities. The funniest fact is, neither did the protestor on the street, nor did the twitter protestor explain how it was oppressive to the minorities in India. If there was an award for the most creative protest, definitely they should consider this, because it brought out the best creativity in all its ugliest forms to show their hatred not to the CAA, but to the Hindu community. The abuses hurled at the country, nationalism and Hinduism just proved one thing; the religious fanaticism of the pseudo seculars of India. Praises and poems celebrating Islam and pejorative slogans aimed at Hindus became the signature mark of the CAA protest. And still today, we don’t know how their artistry linked CAA with abuses against Hinduism. Strange times and even stranger modes of expression.

But the big question remains, are Hindus going to remain with a “why do I care attitude” and short term memory? If so, they must also bear in mind that the future of a Hindu- free Hindustan is not far away.

This is definitely not to scare people, but a dire warning, considering the kind of manifestations, protests that have taken place recently. Be it the protests against CAA or abrogation of Article 370, pseudo seculars no longer fear to explicitly use anti national slogans, and derogatory terms that are aimed at one particular community. It has become a regular part of their activities. If trash Netflix movies like Patalok and Beetal face no actions from the censorship board for their offensive remarks, it means that the battle can no longer be neglected by “pretending to be asleep” Hindus.

Earlier, the well-connected association of Christian missionaries, Islamic preachers, Marxists, pseudo leftists and seculars may have remained hidden but now it is out in the open and straightforward.

Short term memory Hindus, please remind yourself of the Sabarimala protests when a human chain was formed, with large number of women from Christian and Muslim communities participating, demanding support to “rights”. These are the people who observe a silent penance, when a nun is raped or a girl is abused by #LOVEJIHAD.

A recent movie on #LoveJihad by Vak Media. Its effects on the fabric of the nation.

Yet, they are the harbingers of human rights and join hands to destroy their “common enemy”.

Dear Hindus, if you are still unconvinced, remember that the secular media never cared nor bothered, when Sadhus were lynched in Palghar. The kind of one-sided dirty journalism that they carried out during the CAA protests, should have woken up every Hindu posing as a liberal.

Standing up against injustice is one’s dharma and it must not be forsaken. Every time, breaking India forces, as termed by Rajiv Malhotra ji, abuse our Bharat Mata, let’s remind ourselves that behind the free country we know today, is the blood and struggle of our ancestors. If a community can’t respect the nationality, it is highly imperative that action is taken legally to put an end to this ugly drama that is happening in the name of religious sentiments. As a Tamilian myself, I write this with a heavy heart, that it’s too late to save Kanyakumari. Not many Tamilians know of the 1982 Mandaikadu riots that shattered the dreams and hopes of a better Kanyakumari. As usual, the Dravidian parties shifted the blame on the Hindus, but my question to all blind believers, if Hindus of Kanyakumari are so intolerant, capable of provoking such riots, how did the Christian community grow and continue to grow even today in such large numbers that the Hindus have become a minority in that district? How does an inhospitable environment ensure growth? Kanyakumari is almost gone, but it has given us very weighty lessons to learn.

Before the gory plight of Native American history comes to pass in this punya bhoomi, it is a collective responsibility on the shoulders of Hindus to carry dharma forward.

Shruthee M S, is a student , pursuing her Undergraduate degree in Political Science. She is an ardent follower of Rajiv Malhotra’s work and has an interest in learning , understanding and applying the dharma lens. (View More)

10 thoughts on “It’s an open battle now; Are we ready ?”

  1. I 100% agree with this and I am fighting on my own such biased scum on social media. I constantly read books by Rajiv Ji, Mennakshi Jain ji, Swami Vivekanand ji, R.C Majumdar ji & Jadunath Sarkar ji.. I getting prepared for the battle and simultaneously fighting battle with so called seculars & liberals on social media platforms.. Unfortunately our government is still sleeping on this matter. Hope they act soon as they are the last hope we have. Thank you to all the Intellectual Kshatriyas for coming up continuously with such thought provoking articles..

    1. that is because we r still under occupation by the islamist, church and communist. the fake narrative of independence being peddled by INC.


    Even I have noticed during my short visit to Kanyakumari that a loud speaker in church at the tip of Kanyakumari just in front of Rock memorial is blaring loudly at 6.00 in the morning.

  3. hindus are not united as their dharma says, not to force anybody to follow their dharma. Creating awareness of hindu dharma is the best way to unite them. There are so many gurus at present, who can protect and guide us. Follow them, for the sake of hindhuism and our nation.

    1. Meena Narasimha

      Yes. We have made the supreme mistake of not learning Sanskrit. And since we cannot learn and understand on our own , we should really follow the genuine gurus of today and get trained in sadhana. Believe me , most of them are knowledgable and very well capable of guiding us.Even if some gurus have passed on , their organisations and legacy are still present and run by advanced disciples. Even here, people have tried to denigrate them. Find out for yourself and seek a genuine guru – this is the only way ! This is the only hope for Hindus!

  4. Great article and kudos to your worthy efforts at intellectually combatting Hinduphobia.

    One suggestion – we would multiply the convincing power of what we write by giving copious hyperlinks from other publications to substantiate our point of view has not just opinion but reportage.

    For example, the anti-CAA protestors raising anti-Hindu or anti-national slogans could have been substantiated by giving appropriate hyperlinks which can be accessed by clicking on those very words.

    This is the the structure of articles published in in the more widely read so-called mainstream media but it does add a lot of value and influencing power 2 articles like yours which cogently put forward a libesane andral Hindu point of you.

  5. This was my reply to Indumati Vishwanathan’s petion. Indians don’t even want sign a simple petition! My reply to her tells it all about us.

    When I came across this petition 4 weeks ago it was around 9, 500. I thought I must sign and forward it to help it reach the goal of 10,000. Put my 2 cents in this Kurukshetra. In spite of sending this petition to around 300 of my friends and family 4 weeks ago your number is still somewhat the same. This proves the saying that when ‘the slave will whip himself after the master has long gone, the work of colonialism is complete’. NPR must be smiling. I don’t know what to call it. Kumbhararna slumber, inferiority complex, decadence, malaise, ignorance, apathy, depression, self-deprecation, materialistic attitude, or what! No wonder Tarek Fatah says that all Indians want is MBA and fair and lovely wife. They have lost their “Kshatriyata”. Sorry I could not help you to reach 10,000

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