Perspectives on AI and Power


The immense success of the recent book ArtificiaI Intelligence and The Future of Power, has led to numerous comments, interviews, discussions and articles by a wide range of thinkers ranging from policy makers, academics, technocrats, industrialists, social scientists, and spiritualists.

Infinity Foundation, India (IFI), plans to bring out a book containing a compilation of articles written by anyone with a serious interest. These may cover any one or more of the broad range of topics addressed by the above mentioned book, or other related areas. Authors should have read the book as a reference in order to advance the conversation beyond what has already been discussed in the book.

Submission Guidelines

  • Please submit in Microsoft Word format to with Subject “AI Perspectives – Submission”
  • Submission should contain Title and an Abstract
  • Submission Length: A minimum of 2000 words and a maximum 10000 words.
  • References should be provided in standard formats (APA) 
  • url References should be sanity checked (for spam, phishing)
  • We also need a detailed bio and a short bio and a hi-res picture of the Author/s

Topics and Themes

Topics and Themes need not be restricted to those discussed in the book ArtificiaI Intelligence and The Future of Power.

The five Battlegrounds of Economy, World domination, Agency, Self and the Battle for India’s future are discussed in the book. Themes around the impact of AI on Geopolitics , Science and Social Science Research, Technology, Pedagogy, Lifestyles, Civilizational issues like AI ethics, Social Justice, the effect on polity and on the general force-multiplier effect of AI on all issues of global significance are welcome.

Well researched articles with illustrations and data to make arguments are welcome. If it is of the form of a critique or an opinion then a logically well argued convincing style is generally appreciated by readers. Commentary and opinion on any issue in which the interplay of AI and power is either overt or covert and needs to be part of public discussion and scrutiny are welcome.

Some Important Dates

  • First Submission Deadline: June 30 2021
  • Rework Deadline: July 30 2021
  • Intimation to Authors of Final Selected List: August 5 2021

Please email us at for queries.