Intellectual Kshatriya – Why This Site?

The reality of this millennium is the role played by media and its amplified presence across various channels.The true nature of anything has become questionable. Massive amounts of resources ( money, people ) are being channeled into creating false narratives, false theories, false identities. The advance of elaborate, large scale, manipulative, knowledge creation and information dissemination structures driven by technology is indeed breathtaking – never before seen in human history. Driven by vested interests – oligarchies, capitalists, governments, religion-ists, anarchists, every known (and many unknown) major force of adharma is at play.

Nature was considered to be the principal influencer of humanity’s behavior and existence. It is no longer the case now. Every facet of living is being controlled by the vigorous dispersal of narrative through media and amplified by technology enabled channels. The identity of an individual, group, nation – global humanity at large in fact is being held hostage to the power of the narrative.

The Dharma civilization, Bharatiya living and a few native lifestyles are the only few remaining modes of living/lifestyle choices that are as yet withstanding the onslaught of the rapacious needs of western modernity. The global voice for Dharma in contemporary modernity are few. Inspired by  Rajiv Malhotra , who has provided dharmics with a rich repository of concepts, tools, skills , argumentative tropes and a powerful vocabulary – contributions to this portal must employ much of this drishti. 

This information portal is conceived as an online media channel, primary with content in the form of articles and media content. The content is intended to affect and provoke behavioral change in  day to day living and hone the kshatriyata skills so that the Bharatiya civilisation and the dharmic way of life is lived rightly and preserved in living form.

Various Nuggets on  the nature of IK by Rajiv: –

This content channel  is conceived as a platform where the public intellectual will report, comment, elucidate and analyse using the dharmic drishti – their experiences , their take on contemporary issues and modern narratives. Contributors are encouraged to learn from the visible power of the tools provided by a dharma dialectic as is being used successfully by Rajiv in the live Kurukshetra. 

For new readers , those who are not familiar with Rajiv Malhotra’s work : terminology and vocabulary like the terms Mutual Respect, Digestion, Inculturation, History centrism, Hinduphobia, Breaking India and various others can be understood by either reading the relevant  books, articles or even through actively viewing various videos on Rajv’s youtube channel.  

Contributors can refer to the Instructions on what is expected of them when they submit articles to be published on this portal.