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Delinking, Digesting and Appropriating Bharata Natyam

Itihas, prachchanna and punarutthaan (Loosely translated as History, Hidden, and revival) By Ishwar (Ishwar ≠ God) Krupa (Krupa ≠ grace), we were privileged to hold Arangetrum for Bharata Natyam for our elder daughter in September 2013. That was the time when we decided to gift our daughter the book ‘Bharata Natyam’ compiled by Sunil Kothari…

Deceptive Imperialism – Part 2

Deceptive Imperialism – Part 2 Is American Imperialism a bigger threat than Islamic Fundamentalism? Unmasking the American empire!

Dharma and Identity

Dharma and Identity are related. In the Indian view, identity is about self-expression to reach the highest a person is capable of.

Sophisticated Misrepresentations and elaborate Academic Falsehoods : Claims of Ayurveda’s “supposed” Greek origins dismantled …

Dr Priyanka Shandilya Editorial Note: This article is part of a Series on the purvapaksha of Western interpretations of Āyurveda. The claims and arguments made in the paper “The Science of Medicine” , by Dominik Wujastyk are examined with the traditional drishti. Some of the important and essential “tools” of videshi scholarship, are “misinterpreting epistemology , mixing of vocabularies from…