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Being a Hindu Intellectual Kshatriya

Being a Hindu: The history and politics of how an ancient way of life survived centuries of repression, invasion and persecution

India has seen a number of waves of invasions over the millennia. Be it the Greeks, the Scythians or the Yuezhi, invaders struck the Indian subcontinent and often got assimilated into the civilizations preceding their advent. What lived on and thrived was Dharma, which has withstood one of the most gruesome holocaust in all of history, over the millenia, to remain as one of the oldest extant spiritual and civilisation paradigms today.

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What if? Reversing the gaze on a newly appointed premier

Condescending, dismissive, lofty are a few words that come to mind from the Western media in its reference to India with a generous dose of Hindutva, Hindu Nationalism, Caste, Suppression, poverty, giving the impression that the Western governments are secular, with greater faith in science than with a jealous god. We look at the report on the appointment of a Premier of Catholic faith and elaborate with reciprocal narrative.

Viśiṣṭvividhīkaran: Sanatan Dharma and Qualified Diversification

Viśiṣṭvividhīkaran: Sanatana Dharma and Qualified Diversification

In this essay, I posit a principle of Qualified Diversification, which looks at the multiplicity manifested in the world around us as relevant and yet subsumed within a greater unity. I feel this operative spiritual and social principle can be a long-lasting basis for unity, harmony, secularism, tolerance and acceptance in the world.


Turiyavaad: An Ideology of Truth and Transcendence in Life, Society and Politics

Dogma and ideological stagnation have percolated through the cracks and crevices of contemporary life, society and politics. There is now a need for freshness, a certain inflow of novelty, to move beyond the glaring inadequacies of western constructs and ideologies.

My AI manthan : Why Rajiv ji’s book is very provocative ?

I started reading the book with a mindset to disagree with the analysis. But just got carried away, did not find anything major to differ. As a technologist and an MBA graduate, there is nothing much to disagree on the jobs and economics front as I have heard both sides of the arguments. The difference …

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Avagunthana is not Veil : #SNT Perspectives

[A picture of a woman from the Gupta Period wearing an Avagunthana]  ‘Sanskrit Non-Translatables: The Importance of Sanskritizing English’ by Shri Rajiv Malhotra and Satyanarayana Dasa Babaji has put forward an idea of the non-translatability of Sanskrit terms. “It has become a device for protecting key ideas from getting distorted, plagiarized, or allowed to become …

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English: a tool for DeRacination: #EnglishNonUsables

Abbakka Prerana || श्री || Try to buy an alphabet book for Indian languages and you will come across books titled something like “My bilingual baby”. Westerners feel proud to make their children bilingual because most of them know only one language. On the other hand, most Indians know 3 languages so why are we …

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Real vs Artificial Intelligence: A Dharmic Perspective

Sachin Modi Rapidly increasing computing power over the past years has lead to phenomenal success in machine learning and this success translates into software being able to exhibit intelligent behaviour with minimal or without human instruction. Ability of the software to mimic the human intellect at learning and taking intelligent action has been termed as …

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