Article Submission Guidelines

Writers should have internalized at least the following concepts:

  • Dharma
  • Hinduphobia
  • Breaking India
  • Ideological Lens
  • Drishti
  • Digestion
  • The idea of Being Different

as also the style and content from the Rajiv Malhotra Official YouTube Channel at least.

Must have a broad understanding of the works of Rajiv Malhotra, who has articulated the dharma position in the global kurukshetra in contemporary times. Opinion pieces should focus on providing analysis and interpretation using the dharmic drishti.

1. Rhetoric and ad-hominem should be avoided as much as possible
2. There is no subject / category which is out of scope.
3. Reversing the gaze if possible on issues, is recommended.
4. Global issues, Science,  History, Politics , Current affairs, Indology, Scholarship, Sastra, Darshana, Agama, Hindu Affairs, Issues of western theory, Western Humanities,  civilizational engagement, polity, almost everything you can think of.
5. The site is not intended to be a news portal and therefore, editors are within their rights  to reject plain news reports unless there is an analysis offered.
6. Readers will mostly be attuned to most of the dharma centric concepts.
7. Preferably do not “talk down” to your readers. 
8. Use of Sanskrit and Dharmic non-translatables is recommended
9. The articles need to be mostly in English for now.
10. Please add references if you are making claims/arguments based on what is not common knowledge
11. Link to multimedia content, videos etc. to make your point more convincingly.
12. Tag your articles with a few keywords (at least 5) which you think represent your article most convincingly.
13. Provide a summary for your write-up which should not be more than 150 words.
14. Any image used within the article should be in jpg, png or gif formats
15. Provide the article in Word or editable format. Pdfs will not be accepted.
16. Provide captions for tables/figures/images used
17. Article should not be more than 1500 words as far as possible
18. Provide a 1 or 2 line Summary of the Article
19. There will be minimal editorial intervention in most cases but every article that gets published will need editorial approval.
20. The editors’ decision will be final and binding and editors have the final say over approval of articles.
21. Those interested, please write to us to .