Gopal Vinod

Gopal Vinod ‘Learner’ is a graduate in commerce from Delhi University and a PG Diploma holder in English-Hindi translation from the same DU. He was born on the 25 th independence day. Exactly four months after his birth, East Pakistan became Bangladesh courtesy the Indian armed forces. At four years of age, he experienced emergency with his father forced to shift four houses in two years. At six, he was energetically rooting for the Janta Party. At eight, he saw his father pushing him, his eldest son, aside for the sake of volunteer duty against Delhi floods. He served as a helping hand in the community kitchen making and packing food for flood victims.

Soon after, the collapse of Janta party government followed leading to a huge heartbreak for his father. He then grew up amidst the Delhi anti-Sikh pogrom, the bungling of the Bhopal gas tragedy. Post Bofors, he turned to poetry to write poems in support of VP Singh only to regret later. He joined and saw the futility and directionlessness of anti Mandal commission protests. As a keen student of Economics he noted the pawning of RBI Gold with the bank of England setting-off a chain of events. He also happens to teach Actuarial Science for a living.

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