K K Hebsoor

The author, KK Hebsoor, was born and raised in a Hindu family in India. He studied in India and the United States. Starting his professional career in New York City in the nineties, he worked several years for US and International companies till 2019. He now lives in Michigan and consults independently. In his spare time in the last thirty years, he has studied Vedanta and other faiths. He has spoken for Hindusim in his time in the US, as recently as May/June 2020, when he dispelled core misconceptions about Hinduism as an adjunct speaker in an (online) Introductory Course of World Religions offered by the Mt. Diabolo Unitarian Universalist Church of Walnut Creek, California.

In the author’s understanding, Sanatana Dharma is, without question, the broadest and most inclusive of all spiritual systems in the world. Nevertheless, it is foolish to interpret the Vedic adage, “ekam sat, viprah bahudah vadanti,” as all religions being the same. When formulated in terms of a personal God, all may have the same goal. But we become weak, individually and societally, by thinking that that implies we should defend and/or practise other people’s dharma instead of their own.

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