Reversing the Gaze

American Exceptionalism and the Myth of the Frontiers – 2: The City upon a Hill

Author: Rajiv Malhotra. Americans not only have a deep and positive sense of history but are particularly invested in their own special place in the world. There is no need for the national myth to be explicitly stated as such and, in fact, leaving it implicit or denying its very …

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Order! Order!

As I was reading the chapter व्यवस्था और अव्यवस्था (Order and Chaos) of the book विभिन्नता (Being Different), it reminded me of the few years that I spent in the US. We frequently get to know of experiences of foreigners visiting India and their experiences with the Indian chaos. Here are some experiences of an Indian with the orderliness in the US. Before I begin, I would…


One of the biggest casualties of the current pandemic has been insaaniyat, which is often loosely translated as humanity. Strictly speaking such an equivalence will not be considered a halal interpretation by most purists. Even if we were to use an English equivalent, we should use the term humanism and not humanity. The loss of insaaniyat we are seeing all around today…

Soul Is Anitya, Atma Is Not

According to Cambridge dictionary, soul is “the spiritual part of a person that some people believe continues to exist in some form after their body has died”. The word is classified under the category “Souls, spirits & ghosts” and some of the common synonyms and related words associated with soul are: astral plane[i], aura, ectoplasm