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The reality of this millennium is the role played by media and its amplified presence across its various channels.The true nature of anything has become questionable. The massive amounts of resources

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Focus on dharmic “drishti”. Writers should have internalised at least the following concepts — Dharma, Hinduphobia, Breaking India, Ideological Lens, Drishti, Digestion, Digestion, The idea of

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Avagunthana is not Veil : #SNT Perspectives

[A picture of a woman from the Gupta Period wearing an Avagunthana]  ‘Sanskrit Non-Translatables: The Importance of Sanskritizing English’ by Shri Rajiv Malhotra and Satyanarayana Dasa Babaji has put forward an idea of the non-translatability of Sanskrit terms. “It has become a device for protecting key ideas from getting distorted, plagiarized, or allowed to become…

English: a tool for DeRacination: #EnglishNonUsables

Abbakka Prerana || श्री || Try to buy an alphabet book for Indian languages and you will come across books titled something like “My bilingual baby”. Westerners feel proud to make their children bilingual because most of them know only one language. On the other hand, most Indians know 3 languages so why are we…

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Rajiv Malhotra on “How To Be An Intellectual Kshatriya


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