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The reality of this millennium is the role played by media and its amplified presence across its various channels.The true nature of anything has become questionable. The massive amounts of resources

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Focus on dharmic “drishti”. Writers should have internalised at least the following concepts -- Dharma, Hinduphobia, Breaking India, Ideological Lens, Drishti, Digestion, Digestion, The idea of

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Infinity Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Princeton (USA), focused on research and education. It specializes in the field of civilization studies applying the Dharma lens to examine a...


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Examining the Adharmic ideas powering the Sabarimala Narratives : #Feminism #Hinduphobia

Ojasvi Mishra. Author Note : I discuss the perils of accepting feminism as an unquestionable and unaccountable ‘wave’ that shall represent women. Our acceptance and ignorance showcases the fundamental lack of understanding of the importance and root of equality and justice. Egalitarianism carried out in any name must be one …

Examining the Adharmic ideas powering the Sabarimala Narratives : #Feminism #Hinduphobia Read More »

American Exceptionalism and the Myth of the Frontiers – 9 :The Failure of Discourse

American attitudes toward the Native Americans were complex. Internal conflicts among influential Americans remained and pro-native voices definitely existed throughout this long saga. BUT NATIVE AMERICANS WERE NEVER IN CONTROL OVER THE DISCOURSE CONCERNING THEM, AND BOTH SIDES TO THESE DEBATES WERE WHITES. Whites for one plan would argue against …

American Exceptionalism and the Myth of the Frontiers – 9 :The Failure of Discourse Read More »

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Rajiv Malhotra on “How To Be An Intellectual Kshatriya


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