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The reality of this millennium is the role played by media and its amplified presence across its various channels.The true nature of anything has become questionable. The massive amounts of resources

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Focus on dharmic “drishti”. Writers should have internalised at least the following concepts -- Dharma, Hinduphobia, Breaking India, Ideological Lens, Drishti, Digestion, Digestion, The idea of

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Infinity Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Princeton (USA), focused on research and education. It specializes in the field of civilization studies applying the Dharma lens to examine a...


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Is Āyurveda Videshi or is it just another case of Greediocy ? The Battle for Āyurveda begins …

Author: Dr.Priyanka Shandilya. Editorial Note: This article is part of a Series on the purvapaksha of Western interpretations of Āyurveda. The claims and arguments made in the paper “AGNI AND SOMA: A UNIVERSAL CLASSIFICATION” by Dominik Wujastyk are examined with the traditional drishti. Serious claims as to Ayurveda’s “foreign” origins are made by Wujastyk. The interesting and …

Is Āyurveda Videshi or is it just another case of Greediocy ? The Battle for Āyurveda begins … Read More »

India : A Holocaust Survivor

India’s Islamic past is often referred to as the “golden age of India” and a period of cultural syncretism. But how much of our taught history is true? What do Muslim texts themselves say?”

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How To Be An Intellectual Kshtriya – Rajiv Malhotra’s Speech

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