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The reality of this millennium is the role played by media and its amplified presence across its various channels.The true nature of anything has become questionable. The massive amounts of resources

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Focus on dharmic “drishti”. Writers should have internalised at least the following concepts -- Dharma, Hinduphobia, Breaking India, Ideological Lens, Drishti, Digestion, Digestion, The idea of

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Real vs Artificial Intelligence: A Dharmic Perspective

Sachin Modi Rapidly increasing computing power over the past years has lead to phenomenal success in machine learning and this success translates into software being able to exhibit intelligent behaviour with minimal or without human instruction. Ability of the software to mimic the human intellect at learning and taking intelligent action has been termed as …

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The Importance of Two-ness

Sri Rajiv Malhotra Note: This article originally appeared in the January 2021 edition of Prabuddha Bharata . In Computer Science, the binary system with only two values (0 and 1) is sufficient to   represent  immense complexity : including pictures, videos, multimedia, and in fact, everything we can sense or conceptualize. There­ fore, the expansion Two Many …

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The efficacy of Ayurveda and the COVID-19 conundrum. Some real-world insights.

Dr. Priyanka Shandilya Editor’s Note: There has been a wide ranging discussion and all manner of opinion, outrage, outcry, dozens of litigations, thousands of pages of newsprint, millions of tweets and social media posts, attacking Ayurveda and its very existence as a legitimate health and wellness paradigm. The overactive anti-India, anti-Ayurveda lobby, pro-pharma voices are …

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Big Tech and the U.S government : Case studies in bias. The #AIandPower drishti is so important ..

Karthik T S Recently Freedom house, a non-profit organization funded primarily by the United States government has declared in its 2021 report that India is only a “partly free” country when it comes to political rights and civil liberties1.  Considering the number of protests and riots in the last fifteen months in India, one could …

Big Tech and the U.S government : Case studies in bias. The #AIandPower drishti is so important .. Read More »

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Rajiv Malhotra on “How To Be An Intellectual Kshatriya


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