K K Hebsoor

KK Hebsoor, was born and raised in India and studied in the United States. Starting his professional
career in New York City in the nineties, he worked several years for US and International companies till 2019. He now lives in Michigan and consults independently.

In his spare time in the last thirty years, he has studied mostly Vedanta and other faiths. He has spoken for and defended Hinduism in his time in the US, as recently as May/June 2020, when he participated as the Hinduism “expert” in an (online) Introductory Course of World Religions offered by the Mt. Diabolo Unitarian Universalist Church of Walnut Creek, California.

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America’s Racial Crisis – Musings of an American Hindu

K K Hebsoor Author’s Note: In this essay, the author lays out how one of the fundamental tenets of Christianity – the exclusivity of Christ’s divinity and the people’s blind acceptance of it – has wreaked havoc in American society and is largely the cause of the racial strife it is enduring now, and has…

Unpacking Hinduism, an Experiential Religion

K K Hebsoor Author’s Note : This article is the second chapter of the author’s book, “The Heart of Christ: Unraveling 9 Hard Sayings from the bible Through the Lens of Vedanta.” In this book, the author selects nine sayings from the Bible whose traditional explanations he finds rather underwhelming. But he argues that the…