A Swamiji and A Beggar – A Deep Dive Into Christianity’s Ways

Author: Lotus Pond.

Editorial Note: Relevant as ever, Swami Dayanand Saraswati’s views on conversion. The article below features a case study, reiterating Swamiji’s call to end conversion. Hindus just never seem to wake up. The Mauritius Declaration was signed in 2018. Despite the awakening of the global Hindu diaspora, mainstream media in India as also supposedly well informed Hindus just don’t bother. It’s time we realized we are sitting on a genocidal time bomb.

What do you think happens when a swamiji and a beggar meet? Do they talk about money or health? Not exactly, because this is not a typical conversation and Swami Radha Manoharam is not a typical swamiji either.

Swamiji came across a begging woman at a railway station and initiated an impromptu conversation with her. In the ensuing chat, the beggar in all her innocence, revealed  the hideous workings of Christianity, conversions, mafia style extortions, depravity of Christian pastors and more importantly the benightedness of the Hindu community at large. This eleven-minute video is very revealing and is a much watch for all Hindus. The conversation is in Telugu but has been subtitled in English for convenience.

Here is the gist of this very enlightening conversation. The woman in the video, Santoshamma, is  now in her late 60s. She contracted leprosy at a young age of twelve. In all probability she was poor at that time and combined with her leprosy  she was a prime target for conversion. She took baptism at the age of 12. It is not clear if she had been into begging all along, but it is apparent  that she is been doing this for a quite some time. In spite of that fact that she still lives in penury even after 50 years of living as a devout Christian, she insists that she is far better off with the blessings of the Jesus.

Her convictions aside she also  exposes a well-known extortion practice in Christianity  called tithing. Tithe is a kind of  tax imposed by Church for its sustenance and expansion. It is the earliest form of pyramidical ponzi scheme where the bottom of the pile feed the above in the chain. Tithing has been zealously enforced by Church groups in India through its clergy; pastors as they are popularly called. This parallel tax is key to the survival of the Christian eco-system which needs constant money supply to plant new Churches and lure more into the  fold. Despicable as it sounds, this  begging woman is also no exception to this extortion. She confesses that she shares a tenth of her earnings, including rice, with her pastor!  While collecting alms from a beggar is not a new moral low for an organization infested with pedophiles, it should definitely trouble Hindus to understand that the money they unwittingly donate out of a kind heart to women like these, may actually leach into the Breaking India forces that Rajiv Malhotra warned about.  For the uninitiated, Rajiv Malhotra has identified islamists, leftists and evangelists as the triad of forces working towards the balkanization of India.

As the conversation  progresses,  the woman reveals another dimension to conversion – religious indoctrination. Whilst the woman has no qualms about accepting alms from a Swamiji, who she knew is a Hindu, she refuses to reciprocate the generosity by uttering  either ‘Hare Krishna’ or ‘Govinda’. At this point Swamiji draws the attention of by-standers to the dangers of naively accepting sameness of all religions – the ‘sameness myth’ that Rajiv Malhotra so eloquently warned about.

“The assertion of some vaguely Hindu ‘sameness’ of all religions is a one-way street which perniciously pushes the dharmic traditions towards dilution and assimilation”

Rajiv Malhotra, Being Different

This video has a hard-hitting message for Hindus as well.  The illiterate, hapless  woman’s fidelity towards her religion puts to shame most of well-to-do and educated Hindus. Swamiji laments that Hindus in their material pursuit have lost touch with the grandeur of Hinduism. He posits that their false idea  of secularism, puerile sense of sameness, refusal to be engaged in matters of religion  is the real bane of Hinduism.

(*) Swami Radha Manoharam is not a corporate Swamji who rides first class jets, has well-fed following, and lives in ashram resorts. He mingles amongst the plebs, travels like a common man, speaks their language, and explains dharma in simple terms. His meetings are always impromptu – he pulls in crowds gathered at a temple or gathers crowds in the compartment he is travelling. Importantly, he does not mince words when it comes to matters regarding the contrived world of Christianity.

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  1. Swami Radha Manohara Das has also talent for words. He calls “EAST India Company” as “EAT India Company”.

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  3. awesome post but theres nothing wrong with a Swamiji riding in a corporate jet as long as their followers are aware and okay with it. We Hindus don’t have asinine visions of vow of poverty like Christians do

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