Bloomsburied tra.V : An ignominious act leading to unprecedented embarrassment, ridicule, humiliation, dishonour and supreme insult.

In 2020 New Delhi went up flames
Fueled by falsehood and driven by political games
A lawyer dug up the truth, names and behind the scene brains
That truth shattered through the cabal’s veins

The cabal of Marxist, Mullah and Missionary ganged up in triad
To stifle the truth and hit Indians hard
They lost no moment to spread the canard
If everything failed, they had a handy victim card

To stop that book
By hook or by crook
Cabal crawled into the dirtiest nook
Without shame or pretense of moral look

Free speech and freedom of expression
Are just facades for hypocritical secular procession
Flimsy enough to hide the overt aggression
But bold enough to assert covert oppression.

In desperation to Bury the India’s Bloom
The cabal deployed every broom and comb
They scoured London’s tubes and tombs
And NewYork’s infamous restrooms

They found one crown’s old mule
Uncouth, full of drool and rolling in his stool
Renowned for his intellect so miniscule
Made his name by making Pink city a literary cesspool

William DarlyngOfPiles was cabal’s favourite son

Anointed to teach Indians a hard lesson
He made blocking the book his honorary mission
He just waved his hand at the book to condemn it to perdition

Cabal rejoiced at this massive coup
But alas, little they knew it was their waterloo
A Garuda came by and dropped its poop
Right on the face of DarlyngOfPiles’s troupe

With poop on their faces the cabal scurried for cover
Shamed, ridiculed and in short ‘Bloomsburied’ forever
Indians taught the cabal a lesson of their lives to remember
And the book was unstoppable becoming best seller ever

Lotus Pond
Lotus Pond

3 thoughts on “Bloomsburied!”

  1. Himanshu Kumar Singh

    I am impressed by the way of presentation. But, please write about the Some steps should be taken according to the law book of India. How the authors could claim for financial fine and to punish them who are in behind the curtain??

  2. Wrong for the book to be withheld by Bloomsbury. If the publication of the book is in breach of any law, that is for the proper authorities to act, no one else.

  3. Bloomsbury have failed in their commitment to the author and also the general public to know this version of the Delhi riots; and have shown a partisan approach by withholding a book they had printed and were putting on sale. This is an unethical act.

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