Coloniality and Bharatiya Drishti: #NEP2020 is COLONIZED

Author: Jayakara Poojari.
Editor: Shruthee.

Just a year ago, the 17th general elections concluded, with the BJP party, the only major  hindutva party coming back to power with a tsunami of votes. The so-called Right Wing of India celebrated the victory and as usual, rejoiced in their post election gala for too long and lost themselves and their agenda in emotional infighting or spurts of celebrations.

This installment-based emotive surge of the allegedly “right wing” of India is essentially because they fail to recognize and address the most vital aspects of governance.

Every time, the opposition party sticks to what it is best at, by attacking the identity of the Hindus, the right wing throws tantrums of a bad education system etc, but it fails to get into action to do what’s needed.

The very existence of a HRD ministry is forgotten after the elections.  Neither are we interested to put pressure on the government to take decisive actions in the HRD ministry nor are we interested in evaluating the HRD ministry’s performance. 

Even after their “dream party” has come to power, if the right wing does not bother about this ministry, it brings us to one crude conclusion that the “right wing” has failed to grasp the wonders, the HRD ministry can do for generations to come, perhaps because they are too busy with their own narrow short term agenda.

Every Indian with a sound brain knows for a fact that our textbooks are one-sided and are powerful brainwashing tools. “Right wingers” of India have always ranted about how the entire academia has been outsourced and controlled by the Left wingers. But why aren’t they pressurising the HRD to bring in the necessary changes, knowing that most of the current issues today, be it with our neighbors or within the country essentially stems from the fact that we have failed to undo the damages to our HRD ministry.

Let’s begin by asking ourselves two very basic questions: Why is the ministry of HRD important and why should we actively discuss it just like the other ministries? And why should our education not become Bharat centric?

Today if the nationalists and highly well read, awakened Hindus are going to keep discussing and sharing their knowledge among themselves, how is it going to help the country.

Today’s Kurukshetra is not limited to a few square kilometres, it’s global. Today’s Mahabharata has to be fought at a global level and hence that level of academic study and research is required. We have to equip ourselves to debates and public discussions on all fronts.

We must credit the left wing ecosystem of the country for having well understood the nature of the game. Not only did they understand the tactics, they were also swift in utilising opportunities well to their advantage. They understood the impact , the Ministry of HRD can have on people and did not miss the chance to use it.

The alleged “Right wing” ecosystem neither has made use of the opportunity nor is willing to consider the HRD seriously, for, most of the time passes away because we are yet to organize, institutionalize and unite .

Who must have Sampurna Adhikara over study of India?

Who should study it?

Who can write a fact-based analysis of our past? All unanswered questions ..

Today we have reached a stage, thanks to our western education, colonised policy makers and secularism, the very thought of representing the bharatiya culture and promoting it, is viewed as a criminal activity that goes against the definition of secularism.

Let’s not fool ourselves with the notion that there is no more colonisation. The institutions and channels of Colonisation are deep. Narrative-making is their biggest strength and it continues till this date through these westernised (sepoy) institutions. These institutions churn more westerners in the country who only differ by their skin colour from the erstwhile British masters. The carefully crafted fantasy of Aryan Invasion Theory runs in the veins of most Indians today, thanks to the history books. But can we afford to ignore it? .

Even after years of gaining independence, we don’t have have a Bharat centric education system to produce scholars and academics who can engage in a contemporary dharma centric framework . This is the prime reason we lack intellectual competence to do any sort of modern Purva paksha.There is no possibility of any kind of DeColonisation ,if we do not even have the basics set up.

The alleged right wing of India must not lose itself in momentary emotional fights, rants and celebrations.

If they truly want to win the battle, then they must work to fix the bottom line of distortions & definitely not via deeply malicious policies like the NEP2020


The Colonial Drishti must be eliminated forever.

Jayakara Poojari, 35, graduated in Humanities from Mangalore University and currently lives in Mumbai working for a leading logistics MNC company. He was a Civil Services aspirant but after watching Rajiv Malhotra’s work on critiquing, (View More)

3 thoughts on “Coloniality and Bharatiya Drishti: #NEP2020 is COLONIZED”


    “#NEP2020 is COLONIZED”

    but in this article you have not discussed the positive and negative facts of NEP 2020. You have not given any such provisions specially mentioned in this policy to support your idea. you have discussed the older format and blamed the NEP2020. you have not proved that the #NEP2020 is totally replica of previous or highly colonized with facts.

    Your article doesn’t justice with the issued you have adopted to discuss.
    Thanks and congratulations Intellectual_Kshatriya for this effort.


    You have covered previous trained or left working mechanism in the academia and its effects as present day articulately. Thanks and congratulation #Intellectual_Kshatriya for this wonder #Tapasya.

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