Deceptive Imperialism - Part 1

Deceptive Imperialism – Part 1

Is American Imperialism a bigger threat than Islamic Fundamentalism?

Unmasking the American empire!

September 11, 2001, terror attacks – An historic example (The evidence & the case)
(This is the first part of a multi-part series)


We as a society when faced with a serious crisis, find ourselves in a situation where we are ill equipped in terms of knowledge, and this impedes us from asking the toughest questions, and we end up falling back upon trust in agencies of the state to lead us, assuming that they will work towards the best solution. I don’t want to sound presumptuous, but I’m making this statement primarily based on observations and being better informed with regard to certain geopolitical topics.

This inability to be vigilant during a crisis, in turn creates a unique situation where a society is shaped in numerous ways, whose effects will probably take years to understand, and decades to undo. The reasons why this problem exists, are varied. The crux of the problem, however, lies in the lack of understanding of how, the most powerful western capital driven states function today.

The world of geopolitics is all about power, and the use of power. If we observe geopolitics over a period of time, this becomes very evident. Over the last 15 years, I have learnt that there is another side to geopolitics that is occurring behind the scenes, whose impact is very high. Based on numerous observations, I have found that most of our Indian intellects are oblivious to this.

If we were to observe the behavior of some nations, a few anomalies can be identified. There seems to exist a strange relation between the US and other states, with some of the other states willfully succumbing to the larger interests of the US and their capitalistic elites. This is especially evident in our country, India. We seem to have created an economic environment with policies, that first enables the US to have the primary advantage: the aspect of power and control. This is a very strange behavior by a nation state and needs to be analyzed very carefully. I have come to understand that there is ugly power politics that is occurring which usually goes unnoticed. An introduction into this other side of geopolitics can leave us with vital clues that can go a long way towards understanding this strange behavior.

The US is highly intelligent, very resourceful, extremely well organized, and by continually using the best of borrowed talent from other nations, it has ensured that it will stay ahead of the game for a long while. It is probably decades ahead of the competition with China being its only serious threat. While this is quite well known to most people, what people are unaware is that the US and its unquenchable thirst for power and control, represents the greatest threat to almost every nation in our planet today, including us, India (The threat appears in numerous different forms to different countries). The US has been chasing its imperialistic goals and achieving much of them in a highly deceptive manner. We are perhaps living in an era where imperialism is far more serious than ever before. We have neglected key events that would provide deep insight into world geopolitics (Local politics/policies within a country tends to be a derivative of this higher politics playing out on the global landscape). I will use one specific event from contemporary history, analyze and present it as a historic example of deceptive imperialism by the US, it will also serve as an introduction into this other side of geopolitics. This will enable us to understand a key strategy and the means by which geopolitical goals are sometimes achieved. It will directly enable us to understand that there is a much larger, highly complex, hidden geopolitical world out there, and with grave implications. This should aid us to analyze numerous different aspects of politics, geopolitics, economics, local policies, etc. that are probably not considered to be tools of power and control. We will analyze this from the aspect of the most powerful state in the world today, The United States of America.

The US, in the process of achieving its geopolitical goals, has deflected away from themselves, and towards Islamic fundamentalism, while portraying themselves as being the good guys and a force against evil. This document will leave the reader staring at the prospect of American Imperialism being a far bigger threat than Islamic fundamentalism. I present irrefutable evidence to back this claim (This does not imply that Islamic fundamentalism is not a serious threat, rather that we have another problem which is likely more problematic than Islamic Fundamentalism).

If we in India, would like to become a strong, independent and powerful nation, then we must first take the blinders off and observe what some of the more powerful nations, are really doing. We essentially need to understand the geopolitical landscape to the fullest extent possible. The path to which lies in understanding geopolitical power. This document will help crush certain narratives, and open a Pandora’s box. Most importantly, it will arm us with a vital tool, a real world understanding of ‘How power really works at the highest levels today’.


The United States of America, is undoubtedly the most powerful military and economic state in the world today, and has been for more than half a century. Understanding the key strategies and techniques it uses to achieve some of its goals is crucial to understanding world geopolitics.

I have come to learn that the United States has been pursuing its geopolitical goals in a manner, which amounts to being nothing less than imperialistic behavior. While this may not come as a surprise to many, it is the means by which the United States has been achieving it, is one for the ages!

Terrorism, is a very serious problem which multiple states around the world are forced to deal with constantly. Violence is used as a strategy by certain groups or even states to pursue political goals typically targeted at a particular state. The understanding of a terrorist usually takes the form of brown religious fanatic(s). The form it usually never takes is the white man. The western mainstream media plays the primary role of introducing us to the terrorist(s), be it an individual or a group. Much of our understanding about terrorism that the west is subjected to, is derived from the mainstream media in some form or the other. However, there is much more to terrorism than what we have been led to understand. I will present an entire aspect of terrorism that is not even considered for serious discussion or debate. We ourselves in India have been repeatedly targeted by varying terrorist groups. Understanding the true nature of terrorism in the western context is crucial for us, because it changes our understanding about terrorism that we are faced with.

Terrorism in the western context, to a large extent, is a state sponsored strategic geopolitical strategy. The west, US in particular (but not limited to), have been fostering, funding, training, arming terrorists in the last few decades in an attempt to achieve their geopolitical goals in a very shrewd and deceitful manner (Sometimes even achieving them quite openly). To their credit, they have been extremely successful, flying under the radar, playing the victim card.

The powerful western states today, achieve their goals deceptively with extraordinary levels of planning and patience, using psychological tactics which are targeted at both the masses and intellects. The primary means by which they achieve this, is through manufacturing and/or over exaggerating a problem, and selling it as a potential crisis. Make no mistake, they do this with stunning success. This document provides an introduction, and sets the stage for the reader to realize the highly deceptive nature of modern day geopolitics. The evidence and reasoning exist, if we take the pain to look at them objectively. While this document introduces an extreme means of achieving geopolitical goals, this however, will enable us to easily identify many structural problems which are not easy to identify and acknowledge otherwise.

The terror attacks of September 11, 2001, is undoubtedly one of the most serious geopolitical events in the last 20 years. If you lived to see this horrific day, the collapse of those two massive towers are probably etched in your memory forever. Those of us glued to the television sets were literally stunned as we watched the events of that fateful day being played out repeatedly on television. Over the next few days, we learnt that Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda executed a highly sophisticated operation bringing the United States to its knees, killing nearly 3000 people in the process. With events of this nature, responding back would have been the appropriate reaction. And they did respond by launching a ‘War on Terror’ campaign and invading 2 countries in the process – Afghanistan (2001) and Iraq (2003). Terrorism was viewed as a far more serious problem than ever before.

The terror attacks of September 11, 2001 was the prime reason for the two wars that ensued. However, this case to go to war by the American State was based on deception – deception at a scale that would baffle almost any sane intellect. Intellects, academics and worldwide media have analyzed the post 9/11 era to a large degree. However, the very event that led to the wars, 9/11, has escaped serious scrutiny.

I will introduce the reader to numerous aspects regarding the September 11, 2001 terror attacks that will challenge both your understanding and the official version of what transpired on that day. These aspects are the key lines of evidence against the official story. With this document the entire 9/11 event, the role of the media, the role of academics, the role of experts, the entire War on Terror spectacle, the propaganda and much of the fear mongering that the world witnessed for years regarding terrorism will come into question, and much more. This will undoubtedly lead us into some very uncomfortable territory while also enabling us to better understand terrorism that we have faced in India over the years.

The four lines of evidence presented within implies that the dreaded September 11, 2001 terror attack (9/11) was likely a false flag operation. A false flag operation, is one where the state attacks itself and places the blame on a different state, and in the name of defense, agendas are pushed into motion. For various reasons which you will be introduced to later on, this entire operation which was highly sophisticated in nature, could not have been executed by Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda, and the evidence strongly suggests to this being nothing less than a US deep state sponsored event. Sufficient research and evidence have been accumulated against the official narrative of 9/11. It will not take more than a few hours to see the most glaring problems of the official story and the serious nature of the evidence presented here.

As mentioned earlier, do note that there is a larger context to this, which is understanding terrorism from the western context, and attempting to understand the geopolitical context. This could also serve as an introduction to some of the current imperialistic strategies, state crimes of the current era, and most importantly the rectification of the false notion that the agencies related to the state work for the people. This understanding will strongly begin to emerge post analysis of the events of 9/11. So with regard to imperialism, terrorism is being used as a means to achieve it and is just one aspect. There are other aspects which need to be explored. This document is merely an introduction to one topic from amongst many that has been left completely untouched by our Indian intellects, however this should help to open barriers.

The analysis that will emerge from this document can be categorized into two parts. First, the evidence presented within, from which emerges direct evidence of imperialism. Second, the overall picture taking geopolitics into context, which is an open question.

With regard to the latter, two major theories emerge.

  1. The American State pursing their Imperialistic agendas, with their media, academics, think tanks, NGO’s, corporates, etc. doing the “dirty work”.
  2. A powerful cabal of global or western capitalist elites, using the American State (and possibly other states too), to achieve their objectives.

The geopolitical context needs to be investigated and analyzed in depth taking numerous other data points into reference. In this context, the evidence presented in this document is just one data point.

Before we dive into the topic, it is important to address the extremely difficult implications that will be impossible to ignore as we move forward with the topic. When we hear claims such as a false flag operation executed by a state, it is very difficult for us to fathom how a state can kill its own people to forward agendas. Claims such as this are usually considered as irrational and immediately brushed aside. But we should tread carefully before we fall into such traps where our own mind creates the biggest hurdles. Our inability to comprehend strategies and techniques is not adequate reason to dismiss such claims. However, to entertain such irrational claims (or seemingly irrational), the very question ‘Are there any documented cases of false flag operation(s) by a state?’ is of particular significance. To be taken seriously, past instances of false flag operations in some form or the other would help my case to begin with. I present one such documented case from the United States itself.

Documented evidence of prior false flag operation (Planned, not executed)

The below referenced declassified document written by the Department of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1962 brings out the fact that the United States Government planned to Invade Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis, with a series of attacks on itself in an operation called ‘Operation Northwoods’. This proposal was rejected by then President John F. Kennedy.

Official documents such as the one linked below is one example which shows that, states are willing to go the distance to achieve their goals. One should take note, we are not going to get our hands on every single such official document, many of them will remain a state secret for decades.

This certainly presents an interesting data point where higher geopolitical goals are likely considered as more important than certain other aspects. From this, it does not imply 9/11 was likely a false flag operation. However, the anomalies presented in the next section creates a case for further analysis into the topic.

Anomalies from 9/11 As we explore the events of September 11, 2001 we will come across over a hundred notable anomalies. Almost every aspect that we delve into regarding 9/11, the official narrative is plagued by strange issues. The appendix contains one section which lists fifteen anomalies from across the events of 9/11. Some of these anomalies directly contradict the official explanations that followed the event, and some are strange in nature as we would expect the exact opposite of what ensued. Some are major anomalies and some minor. These will be further explained in Appendix IV Fifteen Anomalies in the series.

History of training, arming, and funding the Mujahideen in 1980’s

To further strengthen my case, I present to you the following historical fact. According to official US history, the CIA began providing aid to the Afghan Mujahideen in 1980 after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in Dec 1979. Zbigniew Brzezinski, National Security Advisor from 1977 to 1981 to then President Jimmy Carter, in an interview in 1998 stated that the aid to the Mujahideen began much before the Soviet Invasion, and that it likely triggered the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan. The latter claim as I understand, is on the same lines of the Soviet claim as to why they, the Soviet, invaded Afghanistan. Robert Gates the former director of the CIA, also stated in his memoirs that the aid to the Mujahideen began six months before the Soviet invasion.

Irrespective of which version of this history we might be inclined to accept, the fact remains that acknowledged American history states that the Afghan Mujahideen were trained, armed, and funded by the Americans. This is an extremely important fact about history which cannot be taken lightly.

This does not imply that terrorism was used to forward geopolitical goals. However, what it does imply is that we cannot dismiss the possibility that terrorism in some form or the other was fostered to forward geopolitical goals. It is interesting to note that when the Mujahideen fought the Soviets they were called the Muslim Afghan rebels, however when such organizations fight the Americans they are called as terrorists.

Accidental arming of the Taliban in 2021

The transfer of billions of dollars of equipment to Taliban in the open manner that was witnessed recently, is shocking to many. It is possible that the US were caught by surprise, however it is also possible they enabled this to occur with definite purpose. The currently unfolding events opens new opportunities to the Western Imperialistic powers. We will need to wait and observe to find out how this will unfold.


Author is a Software Professional from Bangalore with about 20 years of experience and an Engineering background. Interests include in topics which have a profound effect and which question the conventional wisdom – topics such as Fractional reserve banking, Taxation, Terrorism, Geopolitics, Modern medicine and Vaccination.

Disclaimer: The ideas expressed within this article are the personal opinions of the author. Intellectual Kshatriya does not assume any responsibility or liability for the accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of any information in this article.

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  1. Shravan Kumar YN

    ShaQ – Although this article started with a lot of anticipation, it ended up providing some very openly available evidences of “Inside job of the USA – 9/11 or the Terror funding in Afghanistan to affect the fall of USSR” … Nothing so far looked like new insight.

  2. Shravan – The primary audience for this series of articles is the subset of readers who are still unaware. You would be surprised to find out how many serious intellects are still misinformed. See this discussion by Infinity foundation from last year.

    Do you see the problem?
    A lot of intellects take certain narratives seriously only when it comes out of certain reliable sources. This should hopefully help to fix certain key false narratives.

    More importantly, there is a lot more at stake than just the narrative of 9/11!

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