Die Hindus, Die !! (Poem)

Author: Lotus Pond.

You stupid Hindus you deserve to die
Because you bought into every lie
Some from your own kith and kin
Some other, from marauders who broke-in

You thought the desert scorpions were pious
Their beliefs are arrogant and atrocious
You were blind to those weeds noxious
You gave them shelter and put up with their incredulous bias

Yet you parrot secularism
To show off your stupid egoism
You distort Upanishads as nihilism
Even in the face of overt barbarism

Your Gods are mocked
Your mothers are kicked and knocked
Your wives abused and locked
Your daughters raped and flogged

Tiwari, Narang, Ramalingam, Prashant and Bandhu Gopal
Young, old, lads, lasses, born and unborn
Butchered mercilessly with a scorn
When do you realise the Vaisudhaika Kutumbakam is stillborn?

Mullahs hack your ilk and terrify
Missionaries mock your gods and poke in your eye
Marxists whitewash history and vilify
And you, sucker Hindu, let yourselves stultify

How many more heads need to roll to drop your pretence?
Are you sure, your mothers taught you common sense?
Where is your pride and basic human sense?
Is there anything in this world that make you incense?

When your leaders promised sabka vikas
You fell again and again for that bakwas
Incredulous is your smugness
You are, for sure, an imbecile to orate oneness and sameness

When you turn blind eye at your brother’s cry
When you forget Krishna’s words to abide by
Your end is not far but nigh
Therefore O’ Hindu, you deserve to die

Cosmos is my place, the supreme  Atman I chase.
Hindu to core,  Secularism I abhor.
Away from Bharata’s shores but my heart beats for Dharma, View More.

Featured Image Credit: – https://twitter.com/hindugenocide_/status/1057131285657853952

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