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Author: – Ujjwal Kislay.


Rajiv Malhotra ji has pioneered a new movement and kindled reawakening of Hindu Dharma against various existential threats it is facing in the modern Kurukshetra. He has successfully inspired and motivated many for this cause by his path breaking brilliant books – Invading the Sacred (2007), Being Different (2011), Breaking India (2011), Indra’s Net (2014), Battle for Sanskrit (2016) and the amazing library of Youtube videos 1. He fights the Adharmic Breaking India forces and offers convincing rebuttals, presenting Dharmic views to contest the Hinduphobia of academia and media. Infinity foundation 2 has taken many great initiatives over the years. He has undertaken rigorous study of various subjects that have evolved over past centuries to do much needed exercise of Poorva Paksha and Reversing the Gaze. He has simplified subtle and complex designs of Adharmic forces and coined some catchy Terms to present these ideas. They immediately became part of daily life and vocabulary of readers. In these few lines itself I have used so many of them which itself stands testimony of its effectiveness. Its very befitting that in my first series of articles I attempt to compile a handy and quick summary of these core terms and ideas, as per my limited understanding. I hope erudite readers will excuse my shortcomings and offer their valuable feedback enabling me to improve. I must take this opportunity to wholeheartedly thank Rajiv ji for his sacrifices and tireless seva for Dharma over past two and a half decades. I am very hopeful that every Hindu will eventually realize the gravity of situation and participate in this Yajna.

Hinduphobia 3 – Propaganda against Hinduism and India by fake narratives popularizing it as Backward, Satanic, Abusive to Minorities and Women etc. This is spearheaded by scholars in well known Western Universities that are running dedicated faculties and programs for the subject matter. The narrative is set by biased, so called, scholarly books and articles that are internally peer reviewed and sparsely criticized to generate an aura of legitimacy. Then this narrative is spread to masses by Western and Westernized Indian Media and long chain of Sepoys. This is a full fledged ecosystem sustaining nexus of anti India intellectuals present in India as well as abroad. The short term immediate goals and tactics keep shifting. Some examples of such tactics are preventing development in name of environment protection, exaggerating random incidents of crimes to damage image of India, creating fake narratives like rape capital, intolerance, award returning by scholars or writing letters to PM or UN and so on. The long term motive appears to prevent the rise of India as superpower by Breaking India forces and pave the way for eventual conversion or conquest of Hindus just like Pagans, Native Americans, African etc.

Sepoy 2.0 4One of the greatest wonders of human history is how a small country like England with a meager population ruled India for almost two centuries. One simple answer is that the British empire hired and used Indians themselves as sepoys to fight other Indians and guard their government. These sepoys not only enabled them to rule over India but also fought their battles globally. These sepoys relentlessly stood against their own people, willing to heckle, man handle and even kill them, preventing all attempts of independence and doing all the dirty work for their masters. This first edition of sepoy was the military kind; the kind which did all the hard military work of his master. This was the classic divide and rule policy. Many think that it all ended with India gaining independence in 1947 but truth remains stranger than fiction. In the modern context, Western and Leftist Academia indoctrinate Indian students, who emerge as celebrity intellectuals. Many become teachers and professors in reputed institutions while other occupy high seats in media, cinema etc. These pseudo intellectuals act as opinion makers and spread specific western ideas and theories, run NGOs, influence legislations and judiciary, brainwashing our own masses, students of colleges etc. They create and propagate Hinduphobia and provide ground support for Breaking India forces. They are much more dangerous and sophisticated version of colonial sepoys hence Rajiv ji rightfully designates them as Sepoy 2.0. Thus sepoy 2.0 is an intellectual version of sepoy who does the dirty work of intellectual subversion for his masters in the West.

Kurukshetra 5Kurukshetra is the Land of Bhagwat Gita that witnessed the great Mahabharat war for re-establishment of Dharma. Lord Krishna guided the Pandavas to stand against evil tyranny and adharma of Kauravas. Just like the past, Dharma is now again under abysmal threat and adharmic forces are ruining Hindu dharma and India. This war is already in its full sway and has multiple fronts and many kinds of participants. Its high time that Dharmic forces assemble, confront and destroy the dark forces in this Kurukshetra. Original Kurukshetra was fought by swords and arrows but modern Kurukshetra is much more sophisticated, subtle and dynamic. The academic debates, scholarly books and articles, propagation of narrative via social media, cinema, tv etc all come within its ambit. This intellectual work needs to be translated into ground realities by defeating the anti dharma narrative and dismantling its ecosytem.

Purva Paksha 6Purva Paksha is ancient Hindu tradition , where one diligently study the arguments and claims of the other party before engaging in debate. Ideally one has to not only learn but master opponent’s theory better than them to effectively dismantle it. Vedic story of Kacha, son of Devguru Brihaspati, becoming a disciple of Daityaguru Shukracharya to extract secrets of Sanjivani Vidya enabling Suras to defeat Asuras is exemplary. We have glorious examples of Kumarila Bhatta, Shankaracharya etc. But alas this tradition was broken and lost with the brutal invasion of Islam about a 1000 years ago and as a result we never studied Islam or Christianity as they studied us. West has been doing extensive Indology for past 200 years while simultaneously replacing our Gurukula based shastra shiksha with Macaulays Education to produce clerks. India has been reduced from being an exporter to an importer, or rather copycat, of knowledge. This has enabled outsiders to obtain adhikara or authority over our shastras and now we are dependent on them to learn our own history, science, philosophy etc. It’s more than time we review what they have written about us and offer criticism of their fake narratives. We must reclaim our right to tell our history and present our glorious heritage to the world ourselves. Rajiv ji has revived this tradition and projects like Swadeshi Indology 7 is a major step in this direction.

Reversing the gaze 8This is intimately related to Purva Paksha. After studying the opponent and becoming able to answer their questions about us we should be able to raise counter questions on them. Just as Western scholars have been studying India through their Western Judeo-Christian lens we must study and question their doctrines and ideas in same spirit applying our Dharmik lens. This implies a shift of gears from defence to offensive defense.

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Editor’s Note: – The term Reversing the gaze is used mostly as a synonym for the whole system of purvapaksha and uttarapaksha by Rajiv Malhotra. It involves being both able to articulate the opponent’s position on their own terms as well as providing a dharmic response using the dharmic categories and lenses. The article is the author’s understanding of the terms.

Ujjwal Kislay, age 27, is a resident of Patna, India. He is a voracious reader with interest in varied fields and subjects having own analysis and interpretation of contemporary issues. He sense grave concern over activities of Breaking India and Hinduphobic forces and determined to defend the, Read More…

Abbreviations Used

ITS – Invading the Sacred 2007

BD – Being Different 2011

BI – Breaking India 2011

IN – Indira’ Net 2014

BFS – Battle for Sanskrit 2016

WJC – Western Judeo Christian


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