India : A Holocaust Survivor

India’s Islamic past is often referred to as the “golden age of India” and a period of cultural syncretism. But how much of our taught history is true? What do Muslim texts themselves say?”

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  1. chelvapilla v gunupati

    Dear Sri Rajiv Malhotra,
    It is disgusting to see, “India’s Islamic past is often referred to as the “golden age of India” and a period of cultural syncretism. But how much of our taught history is true? What do Muslim texts themselves say?”

    Syncretism and its sinister corollary,Composite culture and such are all euphemisms from mouths of politicians whose views are all limited to next election, hence do every thing to cater to vote banks. Such nonsense through covering up of atrocities Islamists old and current have done and doing with aim to destroy Hinduism and India does not do any service to vast humanity of India, or do we have to say ‘subcontinent or south asia’ ? India became subcontinent or south asia only because of composite culture drove wedge between people of one country and nation – yet most brutally divided on basis of two nation theory, fraudulent yet agreed to by same sort of politicians with no mandate from people of India , nor with any referendum.

    Yet same ilk that vivisected our well demarcated one country on basis of two nation theory, now go around speaking about amalgamation of two cultures . Actually better than amalgamation, unity would have taken place had there been no constant catering to and support to every fanatic demand from Khilafat to Partition . Remember 1857 or recall Indian National Army . In both instances people of India, Hindus and Muslims together fought for freedom . The Mughal, Bahadur Shah was a patriot , hence taken as titular head of I st war of independence. Again later Subhash Chandra Bose raised an army to fight for freedom and again there were Hindu and Muslim patriots participated .

    In both instances sinister designs to divide the country or triple talaq or polygamy in divided country hailed as secular, were never part of freedom struggle that was led by Subhash Bose like in 1857.

    By falsifying the past, ascribing non existent virtues to world’s worst tyrants , encouragement and support is still being rendered to separatism . The records by contemporary writers in courts of Sultans, Mughals et al of alleged golden age gleefully mention slaughter and mayhem the exalted Khilji or a Badshah indulged causes nothing but revulsion, but not any admiration.

    Most of the problems India is still suffering from now, and during ‘satanic rule’ (per MK Gandhi) of British imperialist were all results of that alleged ‘golden’ Islamic past. For instance during Khilji reign, children were collected , beheaded and heads were piled in pyramids in Brindavan where once child Krishna played . The favorite ‘sport’ of Jehangir was to have Hindus thrown to wild animals and enjoy the suffering of the victim. Another much hailed as great builder of Taj Mahal, Shajahan favorite was to amuse himself, witnessing slow writhing demise of his Hindu victims bitten by poisonous snakes .

    Present day Muslim Indians have nothing to do with such tyrants from all and sundry places of the globe but not from India. But this constant din by vested interests intent on creating vote banks resorting to suggestio falsi, suppressio veri , is only alienating sections of India, to identify with invaders .

    Our motto is Satyameva Jayathe. Let truth be told, those periods of dominance by unwanted, uninvited imports gave nothing but misery, not golden age. Now what remains as India is emerging while separated parts based on fraudulent two nation theories are collapsing. Let truth be told. India has long history of providing home to various other cultures and civilizations , Jewish and Zoroastrian for instance . Unity in diversity remained for eons as innate part of civilization and culture of India. People lived in harmony with their diversities intact , this has been forte of Bharatiya Samskruthi that should be revived and reinvigorated .
    Best wishes, G V Chelvapilla

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