Reclaim “Uni” from JNU

Author: Lotus Pond.

This Uni was founded to promote great learning
But was named, bugger,  after a man known for his great failings
Bitching, flirting, scheming, drooling and dreaming
This man, Jawaharlal Nehru, was a disaster from the beginning

The Uni inherited the Nehru legacy
Studies are at anarchist’s mercy
In learning and knowledge there is no urgency
But dharna’s, morchas, ladaayi & jehadi are matter of exigency

By the day professors teach treachery
And by the night, supervise debauchery
Eat, drink, smoke, screw and be merry
Courtesy of Indian tax payer it’s all free sherry

One can sniff drugs from the air
Streams of booze no one can check & dare
Drugs, condoms, students of character loose
This is the place devil’s heart drools.

With alternate readings and poetry rantings
With perverted fantasies and animalistic cravings
This place is abuzz with mind without any mores
Tis truly a heaven for satan and whores

In the nation where we revere even stone and a tree
This Uni declares Maa Durga as a fallen woman with a glee
But brutal islam is never a topic of study
And cunning christianty is fair for those brains muddy

For them none of Indian or Hindu is sacred and taint free
Like beasts they worship murderers with spree
Abusing motherland is FOE and fair
Testing the patience of India and driving it to despair.

The troika of marxist, mullah and missionary
Have turned this Uni into India’s adversary
Enough is enough & shut down this chicanery
Reclaim Uni from JNU by scrubbing out Nehru’s ancestry

Cosmos is my place, the supreme  Atman I chase.
Hindu to core,  Secularism I abhor.
Away from Bharata’s shores but my heart beats for Dharma, View More.

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