Reinstating the #HinduState in Nepal

Tejendra G C

Author Note: My previous article described the dynamics of the BreakingNepal Forces and the associated Constitutional Abrahmisation. I now describe the factors that lie in opposition to reinstating a HinduState in Nepal. These factors need to be tackled and strategically addressed before Nepal can become a Hindu State again.

Nepal’s political changes have occurred by design of foreign forces. Whatever the domestic forces claim; that the changes have resulted because of them, and helped them earn people’s confidence and trust, is nothing more than a false claim. There have been major political changes in the last 80 years; the 1950 Revolution against the Rana regime, the 1960 move by King Mahendra to assume absolute power, the 1990 movement to restore multi-party democracy with Constitutional Monarchy , the 2006 Movement to establish the Republic. People have been assured and reassured by the political parties time and again – development, prosperity, good governance, justice, law and order, better and equitable opportunities etc. None have materialized as promised. This selling of false promises is still going on. This has resulted in public frustration with the regimes, since these changes failed to fulfill the major promises made by the parties during each revolution/movement.

The #BreakingNepalForces have benefited by paralyzing the inner circle of parties by infiltrating deep into the political and bureaucratic systems and are thereby able to influence policies and day to day governance. This is how their conspiracies worked and they succeeded in abolishing the centuries old #HinduMonarchy without the people’s verdict and turned Nepal into a #SecularState with the promulgation of the 2015 Abrahamic Constitution.

The determining factors for the downfall of the #HinduState are both domestic and foreign origin.

1.Rashtriya Prajatantra Party –Nepal (RPP-N): RPP-N had Constitutional Monarchy as its core agenda. The Central Working Committee of RPP-N met on September 9, 2015, and decided to pull out of the constitution writing process demanding that Nepal be acknowledged as a Hindu Kingdom. Dramatically, it returned to the constitution writing process three days after the pullout without its core demand fulfilled. There has been talk that money played a role in the compromise and few suspected the role of Red Pope. This episode tarnished the image of the chair of the then RPP-N. The noted political commentators opine that the then Chair of RPP-N is now being used to actively diminish the glory/legacy of Hindu Dharma because whenever the former Chair talks about the Hindu Kingdom it provokes hatred in the mind of people. RPP-N deceived Nepal’s people and misused their votes. RPP-N was the fourth largest party in the Constituent Assembly.

2. Mao-ization of Political Parties: When Delhi brokered a 12 point agreement between seven Political Parties and the Maoists in 2005 it provided the basis for the Maoists to establish their agenda & become a key player even in the Parliamentary system. The wish of the Former Prime Minister late GP Koirala of becoming something more than the Constitutional Hindu Monarch cost the nation. He gradually accepted all of the Maoist agenda and legitimized them with the hope that he would become the first President of Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, which he could not. All all other political parties just followed his pattern. Abrahamic lobbies in the name of human rights, equality, gender and social inclusion etc., kept putting pressure on the parties to speed up the constitution writing process so as to formalize the Abrahamic Agenda.

3. Anglicized Civil Society: Society failed to remain neutral and favored the Maoist agenda in the name of progress, freedom, democracy etc. It silently favored issues like secularism, federalism, republicanism and undermined the people’s VOTE. Their silence greatly helped legitimizing the unconstitutional/undemocratic way of declaring Nepal a secular republic state. It sold out for some projects, positions and lost its credibility.

4. Demoralized Youth: The education system has had a deep Western influence, Sanatana roots are very feeble and the Maoist Insurgency (1996-2006) succeeded in demolishing what was remaining . Teaching of Sanskrit has been made non-existent. The State is not delivering as promised and corruption is on a sharp rise. The youth are deprived education of their true history and the legacy of Sanatana Dharma parampara. The lack of opportunities because of systemic failure has demoralized the youth.This has significantly increased migration out of Nepal. They are most confused and least bothered about Dharma and are more interested in the shallowness of the -isms and western pop culture.

The major obstacle for reinstating the #HinduState is the Abrahamic Constitution of 2015. This must go and in my opinion is bound to go, since the economy of the country cannot support the wasteful federal system.

There are youth leaders in all political parties who have connections with Abrahamic nerve-centers and they are well received by liberal mainstream media too. They are gradually increasing their influence in the important decisions of their parties. They are going to be another hindrance.

The #BreakingNepalForces have been using Rights Activists at will, these have a global nexus and are well aligned with liberal media. They can be used to confuse the masses through mind management. They can also gang up and create drama on social media platforms and other channels to obstruct the restoration process. India expressed its dissatisfaction with the secular constitution of Nepal and requested Nepali leadership for an alternative broad based constitution. But it did not happen and the secular constitution was adopted.

China also felt the need for a reliable State especially after the adoption of the constitution. The alignment of the communists with the Abrahamic Forces was considered by China to be a security threat. Premier Modi and President Xi did make some attempts to reinstate a Hindu Monarchy but again, it did not materialize.

The support from USA is also important for reinstating a Hindu State.The close US-India ties if it remains intact and if Hindu leaders/organizations come to a consensus and work closely and unitedly, can encourage the domestic Hindu forces to unite and come out in numbers and demand for the reinstatement of a #HinduState Nepal.

There are hundreds of Hindu groups and/or organizations in Nepal and despite the commonality in #HinduState in their manifesto they have not been able to come to a unified decision. Abrahamic infiltration and foreign funds are a significant factor, and the role of liberal mainstream media cannot be discounted. There is also a lack of charismatic leadership which can bring all Hindu groups and organizations together.

There are many problems to be solved. A #HinduState is very much possible if first, the Nepalis unite and take control of the narrative.

Support from Indian and the US-India alliance is critical, and will happen. It is only a matter of time.


Tejendra G C
Tejendra G C

3 thoughts on “Reinstating the #HinduState in Nepal”

  1. It is unfortunate that an only Hindu state, Nepal, was turned into a secular, democratic federal republic by few short-sighted communist junkies.
    There needs to be a people’s movement to force the govt to go for seeking the public opinion by a vote whether to keep Nepal as a republic or return to British or Bhutan style monarchical system of parliamentary democracy in the line of BREXIT which not once but twice was voted by the people of UK to severe its being with EU.
    Every adult voter in Nepal must caste vote to express her or his desire to retain present system or change it for better.
    A dynamic, young and selfless leader is required to lead Nepal out of the abyss.

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