CAA, Indian Establishment & What You Must Know – Part 3

Author: Gopal Vinod.

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Narrow Focus on Just Three Neighbouring Countries (PAB Countries) Argument

Secularism! Non-refoulement! Secularism! Prashant Bhushan! Secularism! Harakah al-Yaqin! Secularism! ARSA! Secularism! Ataullah Abu Ammar Jununi! Secularism! Burma Bazar! Secularism! CAA! Secularism!

No, no! No one is getting schizophrenic here.  Actually, this happens when someone tries real hard to not say what they are dying to say. Something so outrageous that, they know, can’t be pushed down anybody’s throat. Something that can turn the tables the undesired way and end up exposing their own hypocrisy and doublespeak. So, let us face it! The naked ugly truth!

It’s Rohingya, Rohingya, and only Rohingya Muslims that stand to lose their cosy stay in India.

Harry Potter fans know who when they read, ‘he who must not be named’.

It’s a pity that our gullible young students don’t understand the patently bogus argument of ‘WHY JUST THREE COUNTRIES?’.

In its first term, when Modi Government tried to deport the Rohingyas back to Myanmar, our liberal lawyer Mr. Prashant Bhushan moved Hon’ble Supreme Court to stop the deportation of Rohingyas citing the principle of non-refoulement. In the hearing, it got exposed that there had never been any government policy on refugees or illegal migrants or wilful infiltrators. Neither was there a well laid out law nor was India a signatory to any international conventions on this particular issue. All this makes for a vexing legal hot-potato. A stay on Rohingya’s deportation was granted. And, with that the matter was given a silent burial in the judiciary’s deep-freeze.

Secularism, that day, had a wickedly wry smile of contentment on its ugly visage. A smile of smugness at having humbled the 56-inch audacity. A smile premised on the presumption of unseating Modi in the next polls.

Secularism could barely shake its shock of Modi 2.0 when it was made to contend with CAA.

Now, a way has to be found – and costs don’t matter – to help keep the Rohingyas in the land of the intolerant mob-lynching saffron-terrorist cow-worshipping cow-urine drinkers (from the diatribe of peace-loving Adil Ahmad Dar, the St. Valentine Day Pulwama terror-attacker).

Yet, ‘he who must not be named’ could not be named.

So, instead, rake up long-resolved issues by naming Sri Lankan Tamils or Ugandan refugees or whosoever but not ‘he who must not be named’. It speaks volumes on the intent of those governments that enacted requisite laws and provisions to address these problems with alacrity. But the long overlooked never-asked question MUST be asked now. Why those very same governments could never find a solution for the religiously-persecuted and impoverished non-Muslims coming in droves from the PAB countries? It isn’t the case of a mystery.

Everyone knows the answer, notwithstanding the feigned ignorance. Secularism!

The short and simple answer is also loud and clear. SECULARISM in its ugliest form and intent.

Why just three countries literally mean ‘Why not Myanmar?’. And, why only non-Muslims literally mean ‘Why not Rohingyas?’. Here, one must ask, ‘Are Rohingyas really religiously persecuted?’.

ARSA or the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (note Army, and the claims that it isn’t armed) or its earlier version Harakah al-Yaqin i.e. Movement of Faith (note Faith, and the claims that it isn’t Islamist but secular. Also note the Arabic name in Myanmar, and the claims that it is has no foreign hand/mind behind it) was founded by Ataullah Abu Ammar Jununi who, many claim, is an ethnic Rohingya.

Without going into the merits of that claim, the fact remains that he was born in Karachi in Pakistan and reared in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. This deadly cocktail of Pakistani and Saudi radicalisation then went on to tell the Myanmar’s Rohingyas that they had been made to lead an inhuman existence. Tons of fabricated atrocity literature – printed with Saudi money and ISI cunning – soon swamped the truly peaceful Myanmar. And, with that recruitment began in full swing.

When things came to a pass, the Myanmar armed forces cracked the whip hard and nipped the budding cancer in the early stage itself.

None out of over fifty Muslim countries could welcome or shelter the fleeing Rohingyas. While their geographical neighbour Bangladesh declared them as a threat to its internal security.

And, here in India we have an array of dim-wit intellectuals who would bend over backwards to keep them in India. The experience of Myanmar and Bangladesh is sought to be overlooked in the name of humanity. Mind you, it’s very early days for them, so they might be lying low but overtime, their radicalised minds fanned by our home-grown cabal of pseudo-intellectuals – as they have always been fanning the Maoists and the Naxals – would pose a grave threat to internal peace, harmony and security. More importantly, those displaced and uprooted from their places, if devoid of a strong culture (or even an influence) of Karma-consciousness, are most likely to fall prey of radicalising forces. Due to the time-tested Indian cultural ethos and its strong influence, ISI or even ISS has not been able to succeed in radicalising a large section of Indian Muslims.

So, they have been desperately looking for imports and this makes the uprooted Rohingyas crucial to their breaking India plans. One is left to wonder if this whole Rohingya scheme wasn’t conceptualised and executed with Breaking-India objective at its centre.

Those in the dark about the love our seculars have for these Rohingyas need to visit the Burma Bazars in J & K and Bangalore.

Inclusion of Afghanistan as a Neighbouring Country Argument

Kartarpur Sahib corridor that has been in news recently is just one example of the British immorality. For knowing how and why, please keep reading until the very end of this article.

All the protesting youth need to be gently persuaded to Google the colonial borders like the McMohan Line, the Durrand Line, the Radcliffe Line etc. etc. It is impossible to find one border drawn by the then colonial cheats that hasn’t been burning or hasn’t been drawing young blood on a regular basis. This can’t be a mere coincidence. And, it isn’t.

It was by design Europe’s road to future prosperity at the cost of hesitatingly vacated colonies.


As long as the neighbours aren’t at peace with each other, they would remain perpetual buyers of European-American arms. This will ensure that they remain poor and their natural and human resources remain under-utilised, their infrastructure deficient and their future generations cynical and angry with their system and polity.

Not only material resources but the mental space as well political discourse would remain fixated on the border issue leading to persistent problems of all sorts further feeding into the cynicism of the youth.

Such a cynical youth can anytime be used to turn against its own society holding it responsible for all its woes and hence holding it in contempt.

The creamiest of this youth and the most enterprising among them then prefer to flee to supposedly better societies leading to Brain-drain and Daring-drain ensuring continued impoverishment of their native lands. Those who don’t flee – for one reason or the other – begin to mindlessly ape those supposedly better societies in almost all spheres of life ensuring a rapid erosion of its cultural, ethical and social fabric.

Ironically, it is the victim who gets painted as the villain.

To achieve the goal of perpetual conflict between ex-colonial neighbours, a whole new strategic vocabulary was coined (for camouflage). For example, ‘line of control’, ‘line of actual control’, ‘ceasefire line’, ‘international border’, ‘actual ground position line’, ‘disputed border’, ‘land-locked enclaves’ and what not. With these myriad terms, the West has ensured that the simple issue of colonial cheating can be couched in knowledgeable sounding jargon further complicating the issues. More varied the problems, more vexing the solutions, more head room for pseudo-intellectuals, the more beneficial it gets for perpetuating western hegemony and feeding the defence-deal economy.

In this context, one MUST consider the British treachery of Gilgit-Baltistan and that of UN resolution on PoJK. For very long, it has attracted a lot of international limelight. Why? Simply because, it acts as a buffer zone between the persecuted Pashtuns and the mainland India, effectively acting as an insurance against disintegration of Pakistan. Remove this buffer and there will be a Pashtun-Desh on the lines of Bangladesh only in double quick time.

Secondly, remember the long-dead TAPI? TAPI anyone? It is an acronym for Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline that could never see the light of the day despite its profound economic logic and immense economic potential for all member countries. You remove the buffer of PoJK and Gilgit-Baltistan and you would have TAI i.e TAPI without the notorious ‘P’. Considering, the unity of purpose in these three countries, TAI would be most expeditiously executed disrupting the global energy equation permanently in India’s favour.

Without the frauds called PoJK and the illegal handover of Gilgit-Baltistan to Pakistan by the imperialist British schemers, India shares a 106km long border with Afghanistan. This border has many natural and ancient trading routes that could usher in a lot of economic benefits for the entire region.

Only ignorant fools or stooges on western payrolls can fault CAA for naming Afghanistan as India’s neighbouring country. For all intent and purposes, it is and will always be our neighbour.

Let it be reiterated loud and clear that PoJK (including Gilgit-Baltistan region) is an inalienable part of India.

Let the anti-CAA protesters be asked to categorically state their position on this.

Let the Dynasty be asked to explain their complete inaction on this important issue.

One can only wish that the GoI plans for PoJK are real and to be put into action in the near future. Need one say more on the benefits of CAA? How beautifully has it exposed the enemy and the gullible within?

Sunni-Persecution of non-Sunni Muslims in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh

The whole point behind the filthy ‘Two-Nation Theory’ was, is and always will be the imagined spectre of Muslim persecution by the majority Hindus once the magnanimous golden-hearted British colonialists leave India. This was stretched to absurd limits and repeated ad-nauseum until we had the dreaded Direct-Action Day on 16/08/1946. It had to, but wasn’t allowed to, serve as a chilling reminder of the horrific atrocities perpetrated on the natives by the Muslim invaders for over five centuries. On top of that, it was a bone-chilling testimony to who had the intent to persecute whom.

Yet, the British perversity and immoral greed couldn’t be satiated without dismembering India on its western and eastern flanks to cut it off from Central Asia, Middle-East, Continental Europe in the West and the East Asia in the East.

Now, we have come full circle. An improvised version of ‘Two-Nation Theory’ called ‘Seven-Nation Theory’ has become the need of the hour. Now that all of our self-styled liberals, leftists, Marxists, Maoists, activists and intellectuals are crying hoarse over the persecuted Muslims from Pakistan and Bangladesh (East Pakistan until 1971), one has to offer a solution on the lines of ‘Two-Nations Theory’ to these persecuted people. ‘Seven-Nation Theory’

Thanks to CAA, now, it is a well-articulated confession of our collective liberal intelligentsia that Sunnis are not only religiously persecuting non-Muslims but also sectarianly persecuting Shias, Hajras, Ahmadiyyas, Muhajirs, Sindhis, Baloch and Pashtuns, all of them deserve a separate homeland for them to save them from the bigoted Sunni bullies and the failed Pakistani state.

If Pakistani state is so miserable, so pathetic that it can’t protect even its majority community professing a constitutionally espoused religion, the ONLY right solution is the ‘Seven-Nations Theory’ not a refuge in India. Certainly, not the much-coveted Citizenship of India. Any such provision – in CAA or otherwise – would simply mean that the bullying Sunnis would be given a license to run riot to push everyone else out of Pakistan into India for and to have the entire Pakistan all to themselves.

And, mind you, this would not stop at that. Then the Ashraf and Ajlaf Sunnis would drive Arzal Sunnis into India. Then, Ashrafis drive out the Ajlafis. So much for Peace and Secularism.  

Pretty soon, the Indian passport would also become as notorious and as hated as the Pakistani passport the world over – including the Muslim majority middle East countries.

Is this why India being eyed for their shelter? Hypocrisy itself would die of shame and envy.

NRC (and now even NPR) as a tool of the Hindu-Rashtra Bogey Argument

Pulse Polio vaccination program that has brought international acclaim for its design, cost, implementation and effectiveness in achieving its objectives was for long painted as some Hindu conspiracy to curtail Muslim fertility. Then, came the Pakistani request for help improving its pathetic track-record in polio eradication. A full-fledged Pakistani delegation came to learn from the Indian experience and was impressed to the core.

A similar bogey was raised against Aadhaar. How would the burqa-clad Muslim women get photographed for Aadhaar? With time, it got all fine with Pulse Polio and Aadhaar.

There exists a really long list of such bogey-raising by the Muslims, to the Muslims, for the Muslims.

By the Muslim clerics and leaders as it helps them keeping the flock together.

To the Muslims by the self-styled champions of morbidly rabid Secular politics with an eye on sheep-herd (but not sheepish in any manner whatsoever) bank of votes.

For the Muslims by the pseudo-intellectuals, liberals, leftists, Marxists, Maoists, activists and academics to help keep them relevant for their overseas overlords doling out all sorts of awards from Booker to Man Booker to Pulitzer to even Nobel for their services. Their muck-raking is then used by all sorts of International agencies as a beating stick for India to keep her legitimate ambitions in check. Such maligning propaganda also comes handy to foment and foster the cynicism among the youth to turn them against their own society, culture and ethics.

With the passage of time, NPR, CAA and even the much-maligned NRC would all lose their vileness. Then, nobody would talk of the burnt buses, lost work-days, wasted prime-time debates on worthless topics.

Let’s examine the ludicrous argument of ‘paper-less poor Muslim’ against the Modi government’s public welfare schemes: Ujjwala Yojana, PM Awas Yojana, Minority scholarships just to name a few. A very good number of their beneficiaries are Muslims. Now, it must be asked if all such benefits have been cornered by a handful of Muslim leaders or pimps who had the papers. It has been the most vociferous claim that a vast majority of Muslims would be on wrong side of the NRC as they are poor and hence ‘paper-less’. Are no papers ever required for claiming and getting any of these benefits? Or, is the Modi government guilty of handing out these benefits to those it is itself secretly scheming to render state-less.

All these double-speaking silver-tongued champions of the warped Secularism pretty know in the depths of their hearts that CAA is not anti-Muslims. It has not one single provision that can even remotely be regarded as anti-Muslim. NRC is at best a demon of their own twisted imaginations. Those with even the slightest idea of Government functioning know clearly how the lessons from the Assam-centric NRC are being used to improve the process and plug the loopholes. Even CAA with NRC can’t be anti-Muslims.

So, are all these protests an exercise in hopeless futility with a foregone conclusion? Are all the anti-CAA protagonists intellectually so bankrupt that they staked so much political capital for a cause destined to fail?

Fear of Pakistan’s minority-persecution getting exposed on international fora, fear of vote bank reduction due to illegal Bangladeshi Muslims immigrants and Rohingya infiltrators getting deported back, fear of weakening grip over the Muslim vote-bank specially post triple-talaq ban, fear of getting irrelevant in the eyes of international manipulators specially after post article 370-abrogation, fear of Modi consolidating his support base specially after the historic Ram-temple judgement are reasons enough to go for broke. Hence, the shrill tone and tenor of the protest.

But it would be a great folly to overlook the real reason. All of the above noted fears are there for sure but all them of pale in comparison to their worst fear. The fear of the ‘Shadow State of Nehruvian British East India’ getting dismantled.

Nothing riles ‘The Establishment’ then the fear of its impending demise. Nothing rankles the Establishment more than the prospects of losing its strangle-hold on the fate of India. It was not for nothing that India used to be called ‘the crown jewel of the British Empire’. Long after the midnight tryst with destiny, the Establishment continued to serve the British interests. CAA is the first big blow to the deeply entrenched ‘Shadow State of Nehruvian British East India’.

What you see and hear on the grounds are the otherwise invisible fangs of this Establishment shamelessly using the easily-aroused, easily-rankled gullible students as its tool. It seems the Establishment is going for broke as it fears that even without this gamble, it is going to have a bleak future and Bharat a bright future. So, why not take a chance and stake all.

Who knows, the luck might smile once again? As it did in January 1965.

 Strained Economic and Natural resources Arguments

This isn’t even a proper argument. Yet, it is needed to enlist the support of a wide cross-section of the youth. It is very easy to spook the youth – student or otherwise – in the name of bleak future prospects. If it helps fooling a good number of students to rally against CAA, fine. Anyway, everything is considered fair in love (distorted type) and war (against India and Indian interests).

Moreover, it is a height of hypocrisy. The PAB countries have already decimated their non-Muslim populations. Even if all of them were to come to India seeking citizenship, it won’t increase India’s population by more that 4%. That was merely for the sake of argument only.

Let it be very clear that in CAA there is a clear-cut mention that ONLY those who non-Muslim refugees that arrived in India on or before 31/12/2014 are going to be the beneficiaries of its provisions, only they are going to be given Indian citizenship in the near future.

CAA isn’t, in the very least, an open invitation to all non-Muslims of PAB countries.

It’s just a convenient cunning canard that is being cleverly spread to mislead the youth – Muslim as well as non-Muslim – of the nation to rally against CAA and in the process end up being an instrument in the hands of greedy politicians and crafty intellectuals.

Secularism Argument

While the Britishers colonialists were leaving India, they were anxious to ensure that India never gets the REAL independence to shape its own destiny. So, India needed to be bogged down with as many issues as possible. India needed to be saddled with as many problems as possible.

Very craftly, they started preaching religious tolerance to originators of such high ideals. For us Secularism was not a mere doctrine or concept, it has always been our way of life, the very essence of our wisdom and our outlook.

While dividing India on communal lines, while saddling India with well-orchestrated communal rioting and massacres for a full decade and a half (1931 to 1947, to be precise), the colonialists still had the gall and the duplicity to preach us to live together. Post the transfer of power to their select yes-men, the idea of Secularism was gradually morphed into a macabre monster meaning all the wrong things from selective amnesia to selective outrage to downright distortion of history, news, policy-making etc.

In its pristine form, Secularism is what we used to practiced. The first ever church in the world was built in 50 BCE in the then Hindu-majority, Hindu-dominated, Hindu-ruled, Hindu-spirituality-led India – in Kerala – by the Syrian Christians, now known as the Jacobites. Similarly, the first ever Mosque of the world was also built in India, on a piece of land donated by a kind Hindu king. When the religion of peace turned the screws on the Zoroastrians of Persia, they headed to India and not only survived but prospered here. India of that time was ruled and dominated by India.

One may not be particularly keen in this centuries-old tales. For such doubters, it is highly recommended that they Google for ‘mini Poland in India’. Here is a colonised country facing all sorts of colonial brutalities opening up its hearts for the Polish people decimated by the unholy alliance between HITLER-led Nazi Germany and the STALIN-led Communist Russia. Also, Google for the Hitler-Stalin pact.

Not only the suffering Polish people were brought to India, several special and costly arrangements were made to ensure their safe journey to India. Then, their educational needs were taken care of, a Church was built for them and a priest was arranged for that church. Despite huge risks and expenditure involved in this exercise, not a single soul was ever asked to convert to Hinduism.

In leftists, liberals, Marxists, Maoists etc. hands SECULARISM has been so warped in meaning, intent and purpose that now, it is no better than a swear word.

Concluding comments on Poorv-Paksha

It has been a few weeks of maddening high voltage, low substance prime time TV debates turning into rabid rants and lung-power contests. It has also been 13 days of viciously vile secularism-sepoys, cynically crafty constitution-vigilantes and Gandhian apologists trying to hold reason and sanity to ransom with incited arson, stone-pelting and doublespeak.

Many considers the number thirteen to be inauspicious. So, let it be for those fraudulently seeking to exploit the emotive appeal of the name and legacy of Dr. Ambedkar. Let this thirteenth day bring upon these silver-tongued champions of all dubious and duplicitous causes the fury of the greats from their heavenly abode.

 Wholeheartedly, I stand firm for and with the CAA. It has been so overdue that even the sloth would seem like a sprinter in comparison. But what are my reasons for such a strong support in its favour.

— End of Part Three —

Gopal Vinod ‘Learner’ is a graduate in commerce from Delhi University and a PG Diploma holder in English-Hindi translation from the same DU. He was born on the 25 th independence day. Exactly four months after his birth, East Pakistan became Bangladesh courtesy the Indian armed forces. View More

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