CAA, Indian Establishment & What You Must Know – Part 4

Author: Gopal Vinod.

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Today as the nation salutes the real architect of Indian Independence the intrepid Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose on his 124th Birthday, the CAA completes six weeks of being passed by our Parliament.

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“I wish I had more sons to sacrifice for my motherland” this profoundly patriotic statement has been made time and again by the parents of our brave hearts. Drawing inspiration from such selfless ideals, yours truly would like to lament, “I wish I had more hearts to support CAA with each and all of them”.

For anyone having watched the activist Anna Hazare-led IAC movement closely enough, it is easy to recall the disparagingly sanctimonious laments of ‘Parliamentary Supremacy’, ‘Dangers of Mobocracy’, ‘Blackmail for enacting specific legislation being undemocratic and unconstitutional’, ‘Agitation hijacking peoples will and mandate’ etc. etc.

Now, the same speakers, notably from the Congress party, are at great pains to glorify the ‘HAWK GARDEN’ protests.

Almost no one has seemed to notice and remark that SHAHEEN is an Arabic word for HAWK. If hawks, the bird of prey, rule a garden where would the other birds roost? And, what sort of rule would that be?

HAWK or its smaller version Falcon has a long history of being abused by depraved Arabs for a cruel pastime sport. Old habits die hard, this time around, it is the emotionally irascible residents of Shaheen Bagh that are being used as a tool for spreading Saudi Wahabism brand of Islamic radicalism.

Would the Doves win over Hawks this time around?

Let us begin by understanding what interests Congress does have for such a doublespeak.

The Shadow State of Nehruvian British East India and its impending dismantling is the most important reason for the Congress to go for broke in opposing CAA and for me to support CAA.

What is the 5W 1H analysis (or six sigma analysis) of this shadow state, how it is going to die and how its demise is something to rejoice are all very legitimate questions to ask. Let’s try to decipher it backwards from India to Shadow.

Then, in the next and concluding part of this series an effort would be made to understand how CAA is a step towards dismantling, nay uprooting, this Shadow State.


Tamarind or ‘imly’ is an India grown fruit – mainly used as a taste enhancer and appetiser.

In one of the KBC questions, Amitabh Bachchan regales the audience with the following interesting fact:

“the Europeans, for many centuries together, didn’t know the route to reach India. So, whatever Indian merchandise they bought was through Arabs who would reap rich dual benefits from this trade. The Arabic word ‘TAMR’ for date was used to describe the Indian Imly as “TAMR – e – HIND” literally meaning “the date from the Hind”.

In pathetic European phonetics, it became ‘TAMARIND’ i.e. “HIND” got pronounced as “IND”.

It is another matter that, there exists a set of scholars who insist on negating the very idea that not only the natives saw it as one nation, but the rest of the world saw and referred to us as a single nation. In this part of the world, nation has always been (and still is) a cultural and spiritual concept not a political/administrative concept. On top of that, we enjoyed very natural geographical boundaries obviating the need for artificial man-made borders.

When their now-appropriated hero Alexander, the Great(?!), set out eastwards, did he aim to win Sindh, Panjab, Magadh, Malabar, Awadh or India? When not-so-saintly Columbus set out to discover India, did the then King of Spain mention a particular part (or a particular princely state) within India, he was interested in discovering? When the sly Vasco Da Gama was risking his life to find a sea route to India, did he mention that there was no India as such, yet he was pig-headed enough to try to reach India?

Then, there are numerous accounts of travellers to India from all parts of the world. Was none of them wise enough to proclaim that they saw ‘no nation’ but a set of fighting, bungling motley group of regional lords and overlords with no bonding, no common culture or civilisation? Rather, each of them reports a great seamless cultural continuity across the length and breadth of this vast nation with unfettered socio-economic-cultural linkages.

So, the whole rubbish of ‘there was no India before, the British mid-wife did the miracle of birthing a nation’ was invented. It is a real tragedy that we don’t ask forcefully enough the right questions. Why the name ‘The British East India Company’ if there wasn’t a nation called India? And, mind you, there was a ‘Dutch East India Company’, a ‘French East India Company’ and for more one can Google and find out.

Was the Europe of that time crazy? Or, did the Europe of that time, somehow, have the time-machine which they have now lost together with the plot? Or, did the then Europeans benefit from the Nostradamus prophecy about a soon to be born nation named India and hence raced against each other to create a Company each to defraud and plunder this soon to be born nation?

All this is an apt reminder of the western style advertising craftily designed to promote inferior intrinsic value goods and discrediting the most superior intrinsic value goods. Only, in this instance, they sought to brace their own sagging morale up by spreading the canard that the Indians have a lot to thanks to them for having their own country. It is a pity that three of our generations have bought into this patently bogus argument.

This bogus argument in linked to anti-CAA canards in more ways than one. For instance, it serves as the ideological soil and foil for claiming, “HINDUSTAN KISI KE BAAP KA THODE HI HAI” or for that matter, “OUR QAUM HAS RULED AND DAZZLED INDIA FOR 800 YEARS” and more rubbish like that.

Secondly, it serves to hyphenate India with Pakistan which was indeed a British hideous creation born on the midnight of 14-15 August 1947. It is another matter that no one hardly writes about ‘the idea of Pakistan’ as if it had always been a given thing. Look at the names of Pakistani missiles, they are all named after Invaders – be they Afghan, Turk, Mongol, Uzbek etc. Not even one native hero they have, yet they have the gall to call it a nation. Ludicrous!

Even ludicrous is a very light word for a nation(!) that proudly hounded its one and only Nobel laureate in science. The physicist Abduss Salam was driven out of Pakistan simply for being an Ahmadiyya Muslim.

While, the grievously wounded (by who else but the peace-loving terrorists) Malala Yusufzai, an ethnic Pashtun, was treated for her physical injuries only to be inflicted with more sinful injuries to her mind and thinking. After the hastily awarded Nobel to her, so comprehensive has been her brain-blanking that the ethnic cleansing of Pashtuns no longer matters to her. Now, she is no more than a puppet of her handlers strategically using her to mouth selective outrages against their own bugbears.

Such intellectual perversion is one of the characteristic hallmarks of the ‘The Shadow State of Nehruvian British East India’.

East India

Sherlock Holmes movies and Charlie Chaplin movies (of the silent era) are our un-doctored windows to the Europe of roughly 100 years ago. These are NOT the only ones; the list is really long and never-ending. A careful viewing of such movies amply informs us on the prevalent dire poverty of Europe of that time.

Imagine 500 years back. Imagine pre-colonial era. Imagine pre-industrialisation era. Imagine an entire continent desperately struggling to find its way out of ‘Dark Ages’. What one gets to see is a morass of poverty, hunger, desperation and moral perversity.

A notorious sea-pirate was called to Royal court of Spain to embark on the discovery of a way out of the morass of poverty, a route that would allow Spain to trade directly with the land of prosperity i.e. India. The route had to avoid the barbaric tribal warlords of central Asia and the greedy Arabs of the Middle East Asia – both of them had benefited for long by blocking such direct trade between Europe and India. As Columbus was not very intelligent, he went westwards rather than eastwards, only to reach the islands cluster – now known as West Indies.

At that time, Columbus thought he had reached Indian shores and was ecstatic with joy.

On realising that the inhabitants of these lands looked way different than his ideas of Indian looks, he chose to call them ‘Red Indians’. On finding that these lands did not have huge trading centres and did not produce the much sought-after fineries India had been so famous for, Columbus began eyeing their natural resources and their land. A bloody massacre of the natives soon followed. The descendants of the few survivors are now called ‘Aborigines’ and they are still denied their rights. No human rights organisation finds their cause worth taking up. It is time we realised that this Human-Rights business is a crafty Western tool to heckle India and other such countries for its ulterior motives. Nothing less, nothing more. 

Although Columbus had failed to reach India, even this new land (including the little later discovered Americas) with its abundant natural resources provided much needed succour to the famishing Europe. Now, the greedy Europe had two India’s – one to their West and one to their East. Moreover, India – from the present-day Afghanistan to Myanmar – was also a gateway to the entire East, often referred to as the ‘East Indies’.

Soon, innovative ways of organised loot, plunder and vulgar savagery – with both religious and royal sanctions – were devised. Ethical and moral compunctions were useless and fruitless ideas. Yet, elaborate theories were coined to provide a facile justification to their loot, plunder and vulgar savagery.

Hence, were born the various ‘East India Companies’. for more details.

What followed was not MERELY a nasty display of Corporate loot but a systematic murder of humanity, civility, rationality and morality in the pursuit of material riches. In this mayhem, the British Monarchy, British Parliament and the Church of England all were on board quite overtly.

And, they had no intentions to end that loot and plunder on 15/08/1947, the so-called Indian Independence Day. It was no more than a transfer of power to a shadow state. As a bonus, this shadow state was also to serve to keep the gory details under wraps and the institutions of loot and plunder intact even fortified and well-guarded.

As the CAA (seen along with 370 and 35A soon after Balakot airstrikes) is the first serious challenge to The Shadow State of Nehruvian British East India.

Hence, this all-out effort to scuttle it at all costs. Hence, this all-out effort to poison as many young minds as possible. Hence, the desperate love for the Indian Tricolour, the Preamble and the copious crocodile tears for Democracy. All this is no more than lip service.

British East India

Why is Puducherry (earlier called Pondicherry) a Union Territory?

Why Dadra and Nagar Haveli not yet integrated with the state of Gujrat?

Why the Kashmir issue was taken to UN in 1947?

Why in 1965, the son of the soil Lal Bahadur Shastri was murdered?

Why in 1965 as well as in 1971, the militarily won territory was returned back to Pakistan on the negotiating tables, that too without ordering it to vacate its illegal possession of PoJK and Gilgit-Baltistan, what to say of Baluchistan?

Why in 1971, over 93000 Pakistani POWs were released without first securing, in return, the release of the 74 brave sons from the Indian armed forces?

Why NO monument was ever built to honour the Indian Soldiers who died defending India since 1947, yet India Gate – the monument the cunning British reluctantly built in memory of WW1 British Indian Soldiers who died defending the bloody British Imperialism – was made a national pilgrimage site with the heads of Indian state, Indian government and Indian armed services laying a wreath there on every republic day?

Why the canopy near India Gate still doesn’t have the Gandhi statue?

One is so used to see the Gandhi image on the Indian currency notes that, one can be forgiven into believing that it has always been so. The fact is that the Nehruvian state so despised Gandhi that it never let his image find its way to the currency notes. Why only from 1996, could the Gandhi image find a place on the Indian currency notes? Why not earlier?

Why the Kolkata police and some central agencies snooped and spied on Netaji Subhash Bose’s family members for decades together?

Why Nehru made no efforts to secure the repayment of India’s massive wartime debt – 650-million-pound sterling by Britain’s own admission – to UK? While, the UK continued to repay USA’s debt until 2006, not a penny was ever demanded by the successive Congress governments, WHY?

Why even after 100 years, there is still no monument to the Jaliawala Bagh martyrs?

Why from 1947 to 1991 India was made to languish with an abysmal rate of growth?

It is a fact that during this period of Nehru family ruling India, our annual per capita income’s growth consistently lagged behind the world average. Why so?

And, why this unique Nehruvian achievement was always chided as the ‘Hindu rate of growth’ and not the ‘SECULAR rate of growth?

It is also a fact that post 1991, our per capita income’s growth rate has consistently exceeded the world average. Even the 1991 reforms have been more out-ward looking and not in-ward looking. Almost all of the hurdles the British placed to stifle the then Indian artisans, craftsmen, industry and trade are still in place. Why so?

Very many and very diverse questions. One answer. The British wanted it this way only. And, the Congress was always found more than willing to oblige its real masters.

For long, the Indian state has worked for the British and to the British but by their loyal fawning Indian serfs at the cost of the common Indian public.

In nature, character, style, temperament and institutions, the Indian state has for long been very British indeed. What else can explain India being burdened with the Westminster model of electoral politics despite its vastness and stark dis-similarities with the British society and polity. Come to think of it, despite a massive increase in our national population, why do we still have the same number of Parliamentary seats?

In his student life’s very early years, yours truly was made to believe that when the Britishers left, India could not even produce needles – a metaphor for the simplest and the most basic commodity – on its own. Then, under the dynamic and charismatic leadership of the great visionary Nehru, we, as a nation, embarked upon a mission of rapid industrialisation and whatever we could produce at that time was all thanks to Nehru’s vision. In our textbooks of that time, these big industries are termed ‘our modern places of pilgrimage’.

Now imagine, the horrors yours truly felt when a KBC questions asked for the name of the ‘India-made ship’ on board which USA’s national anthem was composed in 1814.

In the answer, it turned out to be HMS Minden. .

HMS Minden was a Royal Navy 74-gun Ganges-class third-rate ship of the line, launched on 19 June 1810.

Note Ganges-class.

Builder: Lovji Nusserwanjee Wadia, Duncan Docks, Bombay

Ordered: 9 July 1801

Launched: 19 June 1810

Fate: Sold out of the service, 1861

Note the active service life-span of 51 years and raise a toast to Indian industry. Note, too, that even after 51 years, it wasn’t broken up like other ships of the Ganges-class that were NOT built in India.

Also note, ‘third-rate’.  

“Years of experience proved that the third-rate ships embodied the best compromise between sailing ability (speed, handling), firepower, and cost. So, while first-rates and second-rates were both larger and more powerful, the third-rate ships were in a real sense the optimal configuration”.

Can any sane person ever think of ship-building without a thriving network of high-quality ancillary and auxiliary industries supplying a hell lot of things? Can a double-deck 74-gun warship be built at the rate of more than one ship per year without an excellent team of multiple disciplines?  

Such deliberate mis-telling of facts and cunning colouring of education is one of the characteristic hallmarks of the ‘The Shadow State of Nehruvian British East India’.

 Nehruvian British East India

Why is it Nehruvian? This is a question fit enough to fill over a hundred reams.

For all intent and purposes, the mid-night transfer of power was just designed to put in place someone, more loyal to the king than the king himself, in place of a white-skin person to continue the unashamed, unabated, unbridled and unfettered loot of India’s resources – be they mineral, material, political, strategic, intellectual, human, educational, cultural, natural, man-made or whatever.

Right from his caricaturing and dim-witted ‘Discovery of India’ to his laden ‘The Tryst with Destiny’ (read as ‘The Travesty of Destiny’) there exist enough proofs of this man’s propped up stature and thinking. This link isn’t against Nehru or his persona in the least. Still, it is highly relevant to the point.

In the Motilal Nehru report of 1928 and again in the 1931 congress committee report on Kanpur (ludicrously spelt Cawnpore by British, expect Rowboat for Robot from their next generation), it is amply clear that the communal riots in India bear a clear-cut British stamp with British secretly inciting the Muslim clerics to unleash communal rioting and then overplaying any Hindu-Sikh backlash – however feeble.

The mention that there were no such riots in the Indian princely state is really remarkable.

A study of British machinations reveals the well-orchestrated incitement of Muslims for fanning communal violence. The 1921 Moplah massacre in Kerala was just a lab-test for this widely unleashed strategy of the British. Post the paranoid early-hanging of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru in 1931, it became the most potent tool in British toolkit. In 1942, after the announcement of the Quit-India in 1942, the Britishers gave a free rein to Jinnah by putting the entire Congress leadership – both tier one and tier two and a majority of tier three leaders too – in detention. Over the next four years, Jinnah was turned into a monster resulting in the Direct-Action Day riots in 1946 and finally the partition of the nation.

Yet, Nehru, once in power, did next to nothing to tame the multiple monsters of communalism unleashed by the crafty British colonialists. Rather, he prostrated to AMU like blackmailers.

He worked overtime, also abusing the state machinery towards his ulterior goals, to whitewash the Muslim communalism, to whitewash Hindu genocides, to paper over all their sins. Moreover, he conspired to paint the few Hindu leaders of that time with all sorts of ill-wills and malintents. In Nehruvian works, you never find any acknowledgement of the fact that Hindu-Sikhs were the real victims of communal violence for over two and a half decades.

His biggest achievement lies in completely whitewashing the anti-Brahmin pogrom in Bombay unleashed under his watch in 1948. This was a perfect Nehruvian style violent tribute to the apostle of non-violence, Gandhi. How else, he could have appropriated Gandhi’s legacy. Nehruvian! Truly Nehruvian!

And, our then-to-come future generations were doomed to serve the Nehruvian dynasty and hence indirectly the British Imperialism.

Why did he do that? Simply because his ‘British masters wanted him to do so.

Such diabolical scheming is one of the characteristic hallmarks of the ‘The Shadow State of Nehruvian British East India’.

Nation-State V/s State of Nehruvian British East India

From the Wikipedia, one can find the following definition:

“A nation state is a state in which the great majority shares the same culture and are conscious of it. The nation state is an ideal in which cultural boundaries match up with political ones”.

Those who haven’t read the ‘Discovery of India’, would never understand the importance of the emphasised words in the above definition viz. ‘shares the same culture’ and ‘are conscious of it’.

An all-out effort is made day in and day out that first of all ‘any claim to sharing same culture’ is bogus. This is seen in the canards of ‘tribals are NOT Hindus’, ‘Dravids are NOT Aryans’, ‘Dalits are NOT Hindus’, ‘Indian Muslims are NOT descendants of Indians’, ‘the North-Eastern people have markedly different physical features than the rest of the Indians’ etc. etc.

Then, the breaking India forces hasten to add that even if a few centuries back, Indian used to share the same culture, they are surely NOT conscious of it. For proof, they would suggest a reading of what else, ‘The Discovery of India’ and other such rubbish. Citing such works of questionable scholarship, they hold that India CAN’T be a Nation-State.

If India can’t be a nation state, if “HINDUSTAN KISI KE BAAP KA THODE HI HAI”, if “OUR QAUM (read Islam) HAS RULED AND DAZZLED INDIA FOR 800 YEARS” and if, in the words of Allama Iqbal, “ऐ आब-ए-रौंद-ए-गंगा!  वो दिन है याद तुझको  उतरा तेरे किनारे, जब कारवां हमारा,”, then why not be a Shadow ‘State of Nehruvian British East India’.

In such a state, there is NO national pride, NO national identity, NO sense of duty and dedication, NO icons worth emulation, NO sense of having a stake in the nation’s future, its integrity and its sovereignty.

But subjugating a cultural continuity of over 10000 years is NOT an easy task. Here, comes in service, the state apparatus of the Education system and the Education policy. Both of them were abused to the hilt. And, to enable such abuse, the strait-jacket education have been made the sole basis of selection to various government jobs especially the positions of executive power and policy making. All these public servants (the most cliched joke of the ‘Shadow State of Nehruvian British East India’) are so brain-washed with all this rubbish that they willy-nilly exercise their power in furtherance of subjugating the native culture.

But none of it could have been achieved without the flawed Constitution. Constitutionally, the majority community i.e. Hindus have no right to run their own educational institutions. This right is given and has been immensely abused by Muslims and Christians with full state support of the Indian Establishment aka ‘Shadow State of Nehruvian British East India’.

It must be noted here that the scale of scheming has to be proportional to the scale of potential benefits. To see this connection let us revisit the definition:

“A nation state is a state in which the great majority shares the same culture and are conscious of it. The nation state is an ideal in which cultural boundaries match up with political ones”.

If India were to be constituted as an ideal nation-state its political boundaries need to match its cultural boundaries. Bollywood, despite all its ugly ills, culturally connects India to over 70 countries – a vast majority of them have little understanding of Hindi. At least from Afghanistan to Cambodia, there are strong proofs – of all sorts – showing a strong cultural continuity until as late as the dawn of the twentieth century. For an eye-opener please visit .

Indonesia still bears testimony to this cultural continuity. Imagine such a vast nation standing united as one. Even, the mere thought is enough to give goose-bumps to the entire Europe and the USA. CAA is your first baby-step towards challenging this hegemony of the West.

Such scandalous stunting of future potential is one of the characteristic hallmarks of the ‘The Shadow State of Nehruvian British East India’.

Indian Nation-State V/s Indian Establishment

(aka Shadow State of Nehruvian British East India)

What is a shadow state?

There is a Chinese proverb:

“When small men cast long shadows, it must mean that the Sun is about to set”.

A shadow state seeks to

Rather, it does allow small men, small ideals, small ideas, puny vision – touted as grand vision by the coterie of yes-men and courtiers – to cast really long shadows.

These shadows breed

It further seeks to poke the wounds it inflicts and pits various sub-sections of the society in direct conflict against each other.

Then, it seeks to indulge in ‘running with the hare and hunting with the hounds’.

The more fissures and divisiveness it manages to fester, the more exploitative it can turn and longer it can sustain itself.

A Shadow-State robs most and benefits just a privileged handful of men and women. A Shadow state’s most vicious operating tentacles may be enlisted as under (details later):

In the case of Indian Establishment, the shadow state was created by successfully pulling off the following frauds:

— End of Part Four —

Gopal Vinod ‘Learner’ is a graduate in commerce from Delhi University and a PG Diploma holder in English-Hindi translation from the same DU. He was born on the 25 th independence day. Exactly four months after his birth, East Pakistan became Bangladesh courtesy the Indian armed forces. View More

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