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Editorial Note: Rajiv Malhotra’s ideas are universal and can inspire all kinds of people. Eltibium, inspired by Rajiv Malhotra will soon be starting a new series of videos to explain some of his concepts in his own inimitable style.

This is a teaser video for the launch a new video series, one where we intend to take a quirky look at the issues related to the fight for a revival of interest in Indian culture. Indian culture, has not been acknowledged enough, for the pivotal role it has played in the very advent of human civilization. This series of videos, hopes to make Indians look at their identity in a new light, and hopes to make them aware of new evidence for the immense richness and deep antiquity of their heritage. The hope is that more Indians, then, become proud cultural ambassadors to the rest of the world. Shree Rajiv Malhotra has picked the name “Intellectual Kshatriya” for such warriors. Do check out the teaser, the first episode is coming soon!

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Eltibium is an ordinary child of 80s India. Not too special, not too drab, but sitting smack dab in the goldilocks zone of being average. Inspired by new evidence, on the antiquity of Indian culture and it’s role in the advent of civilization… (View More)

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