Yug-Tales Episode 1 – Atrocity Literature: The Pen is Nastier than the Sword

Transcript: The Pen is Nastier than the sword

PART 1 – Introduction

Namaste Wonderful person,

This is a series of videos based on the work of Shri Rajiv Malhotra

What I found fascinating about his work

is that he is not too hung up about providing answers

but rather provokes seekers

to ask themselves some new questions.

A full stop can be such a boring thing a tiny dot that says.. this is it…end of discussion

but a question mark…

a question leaves the seeker pondering….

How the BEEP… does one arrive at that dot?

I digress but its

funny how appropriate some punctuations can be.

Long sentences, that go on and on, without a break, can leave the reader coma-tose

sentences with semi colons are usually half shitty

and some hash tags…

they make us wonder

what the authors were smoking

the real aim of these videos,

and all of SRMs work

is to provoke wonderful people like you

to ask questions that few others are asking

and who knows…

we may end up

with some answers along the way.

So, I do hope you stick with us for the ride!

PART 2 – Discover the circle of ‘Atrocity Literature’

In 1998, while thedot com boom was making new millionaires everyday

An entrepreneur in Florida had plans for a more traditional site

He paid 8.5 million dollars for a river front property in Miami

hoping to make a neat return of the luxury real estate market

But, a mandatory archeological survey

revealed something unexpected

Our investor was about to have a Y2K problem of his own

a perfect circle of holes dug into the limestone bed was discovered

They apparently held

 wooden beams for a village which rose above the Florida marshes

ATLEAST— 4000 years ago

artifacts were found, that showed the site was in continuous occupation

for more than a millennium

giving rise to speculation that it was part of a much larger network of villages.

Very little is known of the people who lived there

because they were wiped out soon after America’s first immigrant crisis

today, we can only speculate as to how those villagers lived,

and what dreams they dreamt

and what stories they told their children,

to teach them right from wrong, and good from evil

IRONICALLY, part of the site was already damaged by a septic tank before it was discovered

The Europeans had once again…

ended up taking a dump

on an entire history of another culture

to build condominiums

What enabled the complete extinction of the Miami marsh dwellers,

and countless other native American peoples

had as much to do with the pen,

as it did with the sword,

with what SRM calls, “Atrocity Literature”;

Volumes of work that demonize another culture so much

that it actually ends up putting a “moral burden on the authors”

to civilize them,

and a moral burden on the subjects of the atrocity literature

to tow the line for fear of being labeled as a savage or a bigot

Now atrocity literature, was not restricted to the Americas

the Europeans took it with them where ever they went

even to the land where the Indians were not red!

But the intention to start with an American example

is to reduce the emotional biases

before discussing the concept with people

who may be victims of atrocity literature themselves

who may victims of atrocity literature today

who may be participating in their own vilification, without realizing that they are shitting on themselves!

PART 3 – Let NOTHING divide us !

Now, most of today’s atrocity literature is produced by the “human rights industry”

and SRM calls it an industry because it is fueled as much by evangelical dollars

 as it is by an evangelical zeal,

and you or I would be labeled as bigots

for merely tabling the issue for a discussion.

Now, it may be a fact that many Americans liberals

would be shocked at the hardline adopted by their evangelical brothers

But the sheer volume of literature that tells them how uncivilized Indians are

and how we lack the moral compass to comprehend human rights

is used to justify actions that range from disrespectful and predatory

to nefarious and seditious

Entities that are foes anywhere else in the world find common ground to wound India’s unity

and then to keep the wounds festering for their own political advantage

Part 4 : B.E. Infy N.I.T.I.E.

Now if you are from the three idiots generation like me

there was no time to ask questions

or worry about politics

Politics was for the kids who had eight years time

to complete a four year college degree

you had to keep running toward a better life

carrying the baton from your parents

so that you could hand it over to your kids

for them to keep running toward an even better life

We were lucky to be born in an environment that was transitioning into a meritocracy

and every decade seemed to level the playing field for millions more Indians

whose parents may not have been as fortunate as ours

we may have a long way to go

but looking at India in the 80s and the 90s and now

it would not be untrue to say, that we have come a long way

and at this juncture,

it behoves those of us who have reached a point in our journey

TO REALLY ponder

if we want the west to help us with our human rights

or even if they have any moral authority at all, given their track record

It may be time for us to take charge of our own narrative

and it all begins

with the bravery to ask the right questions


and until the next episode


About Speaker: –

Eltibium is an ordinary child of 80s India. Not too special, not too drab, but sitting smack dab in the goldilocks zone of being average. Inspired by new evidence, on the antiquity of Indian culture and it’s role in the advent of civilization… (View More)

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  1. I wish 80% of indians get this wisdom to kick out the vicious western forces and their local loyal slaves that live in india. Thanks for throwing the sense out on the internet

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